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  1. The Effect of Phosphorous on Horizontal Continuous Casting of Strontium Modified Silicon Alloy Based upon Casting Experience at Bayside Aluminium South Africa

    Aluminium Cast House Technology VIII

    Peter R. Whiteley, Pages: 277–283, 2013

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  2. Comparative Study of Metastable Phase Formation in Undercooled Fe-Cr-Ni Melts by Various Containerless Solidification Experiments

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  3. Numerical Simulation of DC Casting; Two Ways to Interpret the Results of a Thermo-Mechanical Model

    Continuous Casting: Proceedings of the International Conference on Continuous Casting of Non-Ferrous Metals

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  4. Investigation of the Relationship of the Melt Structures and Solidification Behaviors of Cu-Sb70 Alloy Explored by Electrical Resistivity Method

    EPD Congress 2012

    Yun Xi, Jin Yu, Li-Na Mao, Fang-Qiu Zu, Pages: 209–215, 2012

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  5. Roll Caster to Cast Clad Strip

    ICAA13: 13th International Conference on Aluminum Alloys

    Toshio Haga, Hiroshi Tsuge, Takuya Ishihar, Shinji Kumai, Hisaki Watari, Pages: 163–168, 2012

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  8. Fabrication of Lotus-Type Porous Copper by Centrifugal Casting Technique

    Supplemental Proceedings: Materials Processing and Interfaces, Volume 1

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