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  1. Reference Values for Lung Function in White (Caucasian) Children and Adults

    Lung Function: Physiology, Measurement and Application in Medicine, Sixth Edition

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  2. Z

    The Wiley Dictionary of Civil Engineering and Construction

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  3. Clausius-Clapeyron Equation

    Chemical Thermodynamics at a Glance

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  4. Z

    The Wiley Dictionary of Civil Engineering and Construction: English-Spanish/Spanish-English

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  5. Laser Powder Deposition of Titanium Engine Exhaust Valves with Wear Resistant Coating

    Powder Materials: Current Research and Industrial Practices III

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  6. Y

    Dictionary of Multimedia and Internet Applications: A Guide for Developers and Users

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  7. On the Accuracy of Regulatory Cost Estimates

    Cost-Benefit Analysis and Public Policy

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  8. Scheduling Manufacturing Systems

    Handbook of Design, Manufacturing and Automation

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  9. Corrosion of Ceramic Refractories in Synthetic Coal Slags Determined by the Rotating-Cylinder Technique

    Applications of Refractories: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 7, Issue 1/2

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  10. Environmental Outlook—Porcelain Enamel vs Organics

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  11. From Zeeman Effect to Zone Law of Weiss

    What is What in the Nanoworld: A Handbook on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

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  12. Positive Displacement Compressors, Pumps, and Motors

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  13. Obesity as a Risk Factor in Venous Thromboembolism

    Pulmonary Embolism, Second Edition

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  15. IT Metering and Telecommunications

    Electricity Markets

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  16. Case 26

    Hospital Images: A Clinical Atlas

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  17. Pulmonary Function Imaging with PET Radiopharmaceuticals

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  18. Coastal Alluvial Fans and Associated Marine Facies in the Miocene of S.W. Turkey

    Modern and Ancient Fluvial Systems

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  19. Linking Program Implementation and Effectiveness: Lessons from a Pooled Sample of Welfare-to-Work Experiments

    Social Experimentation, Program Evaluation, and Public Policy

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  20. The Self-Conscious Emotions: Shame, Guilt, Embarrassment and Pride

    Handbook of Cognition and Emotion

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