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    Comprehensive Bibliography

    A Contribution to the Flora and Vegetation of Isla De Los Estados (Staten Island), Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

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    Constructing the Criminal Tribe in Colonial India: Acting Like a Thief

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    John Ferriar

    Clinical Cardiology

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    The Portuguese Empire in Asia, 1500-1700, Second Edition

    Sanjay Subrahmanyam, Pages: 307–321, 2014

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    Spaces of Colonialism: Delhi's Urban Governmentalities

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    A Companion to Thomas Jefferson

    Francis D. Cogliano, Pages: 567–594, 2012

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    Working Bodies: Interactive Service Employment and Workplace Identities

    Linda McDowell, Pages: 229–255, 2009

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    Theology in the Public Square: Church, Academy, and Nation

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  20. An epeiric ramp: low-energy, cool-water carbonate facies in a Tertiary inland sea, Murray Basin, South Australia


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