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  1. Parameters affecting the luminescence of nanodiamond particles: Quantum chemical calculations

    physica status solidi (a)

    Volume 209, Issue 9, September 2012, Pages: 1769–1773, A. Kovalenko, V. Petráková, P. Ashcheulov, S. Záliš, M. Nesládek, I. Kraus and I. Kratochvílová

    Article first published online : 24 AUG 2012, DOI: 10.1002/pssa.201200015

  2. Luminescence properties of engineered nitrogen vacancy centers in a close surface proximity

    physica status solidi (a)

    Volume 208, Issue 9, September 2011, Pages: 2051–2056, Vladimíra Petráková, Miloš Nesládek, Andrew Taylor, František Fendrych, Petr Cígler, Miroslav Ledvina, Jiří Vacík, Jan Štursa and Jan Kučka

    Article first published online : 12 AUG 2011, DOI: 10.1002/pssa.201100035

  3. Effect of the Nanodiamond Host on a Nitrogen-Vacancy Color-Centre Emission State


    Volume 9, Issue 1, January 14, 2013, Pages: 132–139, Carlo Bradac, Torsten Gaebel, Chris. I. Pakes, Jana M. Say, Andrei V. Zvyagin and James R. Rabeau

    Article first published online : 1 OCT 2012, DOI: 10.1002/smll.201200574

  4. Single Defect Centers in Diamond

    Physics and Applications of CVD Diamond

    Fedor Jelezko, Jörg Wrachtrup, Pages: 257–281, 2008

    Published Online : 16 OCT 2008, DOI: 10.1002/9783527623174.ch10

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    Recent Developments and Applications of Nanodiamonds as Versatile Bioimaging Agents

    Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society

    Volume 61, Issue 1, January 2014, Pages: 67–76, Yuen Yung Hui and Huan-Cheng Chang

    Article first published online : 16 SEP 2013, DOI: 10.1002/jccs.201300346

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    Diamond nanophotonics and applications in quantum science and technology

    physica status solidi (a)

    Volume 209, Issue 9, September 2012, Pages: 1619–1630, B. J. M. Hausmann, J. T. Choy, T. M. Babinec, B. J. Shields, I. Bulu, M. D. Lukin and Marko Lončar

    Article first published online : 13 SEP 2012, DOI: 10.1002/pssa.201200576

  7. A comparison of the thermal adaptability of people accustomed to air-conditioned environments and naturally ventilated environments

    Indoor Air

    Volume 22, Issue 2, April 2012, Pages: 110–118, J. Yu, Q. Ouyang, Y. Zhu, H. Shen, G. Cao and W. Cui

    Article first published online : 25 OCT 2011, DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0668.2011.00746.x

  8. The fluorescence of variously terminated nanodiamond particles: Quantum chemical calculations

    physica status solidi (a)

    Volume 207, Issue 9, September 2010, Pages: 2045–2048, I. Kratochvílová, A. Kovalenko, A. Taylor, F. Fendrych, V. Řezáčová, J. Vlček, S. Záliš, J. Šebera, P. Cígler, M. Ledvina and M. Nesládek

    Article first published online : 17 AUG 2010, DOI: 10.1002/pssa.201000012

  9. How Word Familiarity Facilitates Visual Search for Verbal Material

    Applied Cognitive Psychology

    Volume 26, Issue 2, March/April 2012, Pages: 271–288, Julien Dampuré, Christine Ros, Jean-François Rouet and Nicolas Vibert

    Article first published online : 28 JUL 2011, DOI: 10.1002/acp.1821

  10. Legitimation of New Ventures: A Review and Research Programme

    Journal of Management Studies

    Volume 51, Issue 4, June 2014, Pages: 667–698, Florian Überbacher

    Article first published online : 31 MAR 2014, DOI: 10.1111/joms.12077

  11. Quantum chemical modeling of photoadsorption properties of the nitrogen-vacancy point defect in diamond

    Journal of Computational Chemistry

    Volume 30, Issue 1, 15 January 2009, Pages: 119–131, A. S. Zyubin, A. M. Mebel, M. Hayashi, H. C. Chang and S. H. Lin

    Article first published online : 11 JUN 2008, DOI: 10.1002/jcc.21042

  12. Near-Surface Spectrally Stable Nitrogen Vacancy Centres Engineered in Single Crystal Diamond

    Advanced Materials

    Volume 24, Issue 25, July 3, 2012, Pages: 3333–3338, Alastair Stacey, David A. Simpson, Timothy J. Karle, Brant C. Gibson, Victor M. Acosta, Zhihong Huang, Kai Mei C. Fu, Charles Santori, Raymond G. Beausoleil, Liam P. McGuinness, Kumaravelu Ganesan, Snjezana Tomljenovic-Hanic, Andrew D. Greentree and Steven Prawer

    Article first published online : 25 MAY 2012, DOI: 10.1002/adma.201201074

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    Coupling of single nitrogen-vacancy defect centers in diamond nanocrystals to optical antennas and photonic crystal cavities

    physica status solidi (b)

    Volume 249, Issue 5, May 2012, Pages: 918–924, Janik Wolters, Günter Kewes, Andreas W. Schell, Nils Nüsse, Max Schoengen, Bernd Löchel, Tobias Hanke, Rudolf Bratschitsch, Alfred Leitenstorfer, Thomas Aichele and Oliver Benson

    Article first published online : 1 FEB 2012, DOI: 10.1002/pssb.201100156

  14. Enormously High Concentrations of Fluorescent Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers Fabricated by Sintering of Detonation Nanodiamonds


    Volume 7, Issue 11, June 6, 2011, Pages: 1533–1537, Pavel G. Baranov, Alexandra A. Soltamova, Daniel O. Tolmachev, Nikolay G. Romanov, Roman A. Babunts, Fedor M. Shakhov, Sergey V. Kidalov, Alexandr Y. Vul’, Georgy V. Mamin, Sergei B. Orlinskii and Nikolai I. Silkin

    Article first published online : 26 APR 2011, DOI: 10.1002/smll.201001887

  15. Surface Doping of Diamond and Induced Optical Effects

    Optical Engineering of Diamond

    Vladimira Petrakova, Miroslav Ledvina, Milos Nesladek, Pages: 209–238, 2013

    Published Online : 28 MAR 2013, DOI: 10.1002/9783527648603.ch7

  16. Passive charge state control of nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond using phosphorous and boron doping

    physica status solidi (a)

    Volume 211, Issue 10, October 2014, Pages: 2268–2273, Karin Groot-Berning, Nicole Raatz, Inga Dobrinets, Margarita Lesik, Piernicola Spinicelli, Alexandre Tallaire, Jocelyn Achard, Vincent Jacques, Jean-François Roch, Alexander M. Zaitsev, Jan Meijer and Sébastien Pezzagna

    Article first published online : 1 SEP 2014, DOI: 10.1002/pssa.201431308

  17. Fluorescent Nanodiamonds Embedded in Biocompatible Translucent Shells


    Volume 10, Issue 6, March 26, 2014, Pages: 1106–1115, Ivan Rehor, Jitka Slegerova, Jan Kucka, Vladimir Proks, Vladimira Petrakova, Marie-Pierre Adam, François Treussart, Stuart Turner, Sara Bals, Pavel Sacha, Miroslav Ledvina, Amy M. Wen, Nicole F. Steinmetz and Petr Cigler

    Article first published online : 5 FEB 2014, DOI: 10.1002/smll.201302336

  18. Nanovehicular intracellular delivery systems

    Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Volume 97, Issue 9, September 2008, Pages: 3518–3590, Ales Prokop and Jeffrey M. Davidson

    Article first published online : 15 JAN 2008, DOI: 10.1002/jps.21270

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    Diamond Nanophotonics

    Advanced Optical Materials

    Volume 2, Issue 10, October 2014, Pages: 911–928, Igor Aharonovich and Elke Neu

    Article first published online : 30 JUL 2014, DOI: 10.1002/adom.201400189

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    Solid Immersion Facilitates Fluorescence Microscopy with Nanometer Resolution and Sub-Ångström Emitter Localization

    Advanced Materials

    Volume 24, Issue 44, November 20, 2012, Pages: OP309–OP313, Dominik Wildanger, Brian R. Patton, Heiko Schill, Luca Marseglia, J. P. Hadden, Sebastian Knauer, Andreas Schönle, John G. Rarity, Jeremy L. O'Brien, Stefan W. Hell and Jason M. Smith

    Article first published online : 12 SEP 2012, DOI: 10.1002/adma.201203033