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    Guidelines for the management of adult lower respiratory tract infections - Full version

    Clinical Microbiology and Infection

    Volume 17, Issue s6, November 2011, Pages: E1–E59, M. Woodhead, F. Blasi, S. Ewig, J. Garau, G. Huchon, M. Ieven, A. Ortqvist, T. Schaberg, A. Torres, G. van der Heijden, R. Read, T. J. M. Verheij and Joint Taskforce of the European Respiratory Society and European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

    Version of Record online : 26 SEP 2011, DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-0691.2011.03672.x

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    Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults

    Intervention Review

    The Cochrane Library

    Vittorio Demicheli, Tom Jefferson, Lubna A Al-Ansary, Eliana Ferroni, Alessandro Rivetti and Carlo Di Pietrantonj

    Published Online : 13 MAR 2014, DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD001269.pub5

  3. Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy children

    Intervention Review

    The Cochrane Library

    Tom Jefferson, Alessandro Rivetti, Carlo Di Pietrantonj, Vittorio Demicheli and Eliana Ferroni

    Published Online : 15 AUG 2012, DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD004879.pub4

  4. Towards the versatile DFT and MP2 computational schemes for 31P NMR chemical shifts taking into account relativistic corrections

    Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry

    Volume 52, Issue 11, November 2014, Pages: 699–710, Sergey V. Fedorov, Yury Yu. Rusakov and Leonid B. Krivdin

    Version of Record online : 22 AUG 2014, DOI: 10.1002/mrc.4122

  5. Storage of platelets in additive solutions: effects of magnesium and/or potassium


    Volume 42, Issue 1, January 2002, Pages: 76–80, Janny De Wildt-Eggen, Johanna G. Schrijver, Maarten Bins and Hans Gulliksson

    Version of Record online : 5 MAR 2002, DOI: 10.1046/j.1537-2995.2002.00012.x

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    Enzymatic properties and substrate specificity of a bacterial phosphatidylcholine synthase

    The FEBS Journal

    Volume 281, Issue 15, August 2014, Pages: 3523–3541, Meriyem Aktas, Stefan Köster, Sarah Kizilirmak, Javier C. Casanova, Heidi Betz, Christiane Fritz, Roman Moser, Özkan Yildiz and Franz Narberhaus

    Version of Record online : 14 JUL 2014, DOI: 10.1111/febs.12877

  7. Insulin-like growth factor-I as a promoting factor for cerebellar Purkinje cell development

    European Journal of Neuroscience

    Volume 17, Issue 10, May 2003, Pages: 2006–2016, Yuko Fukudome, Toshihide Tabata, Tomoko Miyoshi, Shigeki Haruki, Kenji Araishi, Satsuki Sawada and Masanobu Kano

    Version of Record online : 29 MAY 2003, DOI: 10.1046/j.1460-9568.2003.02640.x

  8. Genome size shifts: karyotype evolution in Crepis section Neglectoides (Asteraceae)

    Plant Biology

    Volume 17, Issue 4, July 2015, Pages: 775–786, N. Enke, R. Kunze, F. Pustahija, G. Glöckner, J. Zimmermann, J. Oberländer, G. Kamari and S. Siljak-Yakovlev

    Version of Record online : 9 APR 2015, DOI: 10.1111/plb.12318

  9. Immediate Loading of Postextraction Implants in the Esthetic Area: Systematic Review of the Literature

    Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research

    Volume 17, Issue 1, February 2015, Pages: 52–70, Massimo Del Fabbro, Valentina Ceresoli, Silvio Taschieri, Caterina Ceci and Tiziano Testori

    Version of Record online : 22 APR 2013, DOI: 10.1111/cid.12074

  10. In vitro evaluation of metabolic changes and residual platelet responsiveness in photochemical treated and gamma-irradiated single-donor platelet concentrates during long-term storage


    Volume 47, Issue 4, April 2007, Pages: 653–665, Torunn O. Apelseth, Øystein Bruserud, Tore Wentzel-Larsen, Anne M. Bakken, Solfrid Bjørsvik and Tor Hervig

    Version of Record online : 16 FEB 2007, DOI: 10.1111/j.1537-2995.2007.01167.x

  11. Systematic review of the clinical effectiveness of neuromodulation in the treatment of faecal incontinence

    British Journal of Surgery

    Volume 100, Issue 11, October 2013, Pages: 1430–1447, N. N. Thin, E. J. Horrocks, A. Hotouras, S. Palit, M. A. Thaha, C. L. H. Chan, K. E. Matzel and C. H. Knowles

    Version of Record online : 4 SEP 2013, DOI: 10.1002/bjs.9226

  12. Construct validity of the SF-12 in three different samples

    Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

    Volume 18, Issue 3, June 2012, Pages: 560–566, Ulf Jakobsson, Albert Westergren, Susanne Lindskov and Peter Hagell

    Version of Record online : 6 JAN 2011, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2753.2010.01623.x

  13. Speculative Attacks and Informational Structure: an Experimental Study

    Review of International Economics

    Volume 14, Issue 5, November 2006, Pages: 797–817, Camille Cornand

    Version of Record online : 8 AUG 2006, DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9396.2006.00608.x

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    Guideline for the management of acute sore throat

    Clinical Microbiology and Infection

    Volume 18, Issue s1, April 2012, Pages: 1–28, C. Pelucchi, L. Grigoryan, C. Galeone, S. Esposito, P. Huovinen, P. Little and T. Verheij

    Version of Record online : 21 MAR 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-0691.2012.03766.x

  15. Intensive use of mobile technologies in a computer engineering course

    Computer Applications in Engineering Education

    Volume 22, Issue 4, December 2014, Pages: 686–698, Jorge L. V. Barbosa, Rodrigo Hahn, Débora N. F. Barbosa and Wilian Segatto

    Version of Record online : 21 MAR 2012, DOI: 10.1002/cae.21560

  16. Non-invasive subcutaneous fat reduction: a review

    Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

    Volume 29, Issue 9, September 2015, Pages: 1679–1688, J. Kennedy, S. Verne, R. Griffith, L. Falto-Aizpurua and K. Nouri

    Version of Record online : 9 FEB 2015, DOI: 10.1111/jdv.12994

  17. Peripheral chondrosarcoma progression is accompanied by decreased Indian Hedgehog signalling

    The Journal of Pathology

    Volume 209, Issue 4, August 2006, Pages: 501–511, L Hameetman, LB Rozeman, M Lombaerts, J Oosting, AHM Taminiau, A-M Cleton-Jansen, JVMG Bovée and PCW Hogendoorn

    Version of Record online : 5 JUN 2006, DOI: 10.1002/path.2008

  18. On the accuracy of the GIAO-DFT calculation of 15N NMR chemical shifts of the nitrogen-containing heterocycles – a gateway to better agreement with experiment at lower computational cost

    Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry

    Volume 52, Issue 5, May 2014, Pages: 222–230, Dmitry O. Samultsev, Valentin A. Semenov and Leonid B. Krivdin

    Version of Record online : 27 FEB 2014, DOI: 10.1002/mrc.4055

  19. In vivo and in vitro comparison of platelets stored in either synthetic media or plasma

    Vox Sanguinis

    Volume 84, Issue 4, May 2003, Pages: 256–264, J. De Wildt-Eggen and H. Gulliksson

    Version of Record online : 20 MAY 2003, DOI: 10.1046/j.1423-0410.2003.00303.x

  20. Function and activation state of platelets in vitro depend on apheresis modality

    Vox Sanguinis

    Volume 99, Issue 4, November 2010, Pages: 332–340, S. Macher, S. Sipurzynski-Budraß, K. Rosskopf, E. Rohde, A. Griesbacher, A. Groselj-Strele, G. Lanzer and K. Schallmoser

    Version of Record online : 7 JUN 2010, DOI: 10.1111/j.1423-0410.2010.01353.x