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    Concurrent blockade of free radical and microsomal prostaglandin E synthase-1-mediated PGE2 production improves safety and efficacy in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

    Journal of Neurochemistry

    Volume 122, Issue 5, September 2012, Pages: 952–961, Jin Hee Shin, Young Ae Lee, Jae Keun Lee, Yong Beom Lee, Woong Cho, Doo Soon Im, Jin Hwan Lee, Bok Sun Yun, Joe E. Springer and Byoung Joo Gwag

    Article first published online : 23 MAY 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1471-4159.2012.07771.x

  2. Purification and characterization of an antitumor protein with deoxyribonuclease activity from edible mushroom Agrocybe aegerita

    Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

    Volume 56, Issue 11, November 2012, Pages: 1729–1738, Yijie Chen, Shuai Jiang, Yanxia Jin, Yalin Yin, Guojun Yu, Xianqing Lan, Mingyao Cui, Yi Liang, Barry Hon Cheung Wong, Lin Guo and Hui Sun

    Article first published online : 4 OCT 2012, DOI: 10.1002/mnfr.201200316

  3. Factors influencing cord blood viability assessment before cryopreservation


    Volume 50, Issue 4, April 2010, Pages: 820–830, Michael Solomon, Jonathan Wofford, Cory Johnson, Donna Regan and Michael H. Creer

    Article first published online : 16 NOV 2009, DOI: 10.1111/j.1537-2995.2009.02491.x

  4. Book reviews

    The Sociological Review

    Volume 41, Issue 4, November 1993, Pages: 753–815,

    Article first published online : 28 JUN 2008, DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-954X.1993.tb00900.x

  5. 1H NMR spectroscopy of glioblastoma stem-like cells identifies alpha-aminoadipate as a marker of tumor aggressiveness

    NMR in Biomedicine

    Antonella Rosi, Lucia Ricci-Vitiani, Mauro Biffoni, Sveva Grande, Anna Maria Luciani, Alessandra Palma, Daniele Runci, Marianna Cappellari, Ruggero De Maria, Laura Guidoni, Roberto Pallini and Vincenza Viti

    Article first published online : 8 JAN 2015, DOI: 10.1002/nbm.3254

  6. The Aad-Ab-PI relationship in children: The impact of brand familiarity and measurement timing

    Psychology & Marketing

    Volume 13, Issue 1, January 1996, Pages: 77–105, Joseph E. Phelps and Mariea Grubbs Hoy

    Article first published online : 7 DEC 1998, DOI: 10.1002/(SICI)1520-6793(199601)13:1<77::AID-MAR5>3.0.CO;2-M

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    Probiotics for the prevention of Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea in adults and children

    Intervention Review

    The Cochrane Library

    Joshua Z Goldenberg, Stephanie SY Ma, Jane D Saxton, Mark R Martzen, Per O Vandvik, Kristian Thorlund, Gordon H Guyatt and Bradley C Johnston

    Published Online : 31 MAY 2013, DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD006095.pub3

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    Novel multiparameter flow cytometry assay using Syto16 for the simultaneous detection of early apoptosis and apoptosis-corrected P-glycoprotein function in clinical samples

    Cytometry Part B: Clinical Cytometry

    Volume 55B, Issue 1, September 2003, Pages: 14–21, Marjolein A. van der Pol, Henk J. Broxterman, Guus Westra, Gert J. Ossenkoppele and Gerrit J. Schuurhuis

    Article first published online : 22 AUG 2003, DOI: 10.1002/cyto.b.10024

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    Association of beta2 toxin production with Clostridium perfringens type A human gastrointestinal disease isolates carrying a plasmid enterotoxin gene

    Molecular Microbiology

    Volume 56, Issue 3, May 2005, Pages: 747–762, Derek J. Fisher, Kazuaki Miyamoto, Benjamin Harrison, Shigero Akimoto, Mahfuzur R. Sarker and Bruce A. McClane

    Article first published online : 28 FEB 2005, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2958.2005.04573.x

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    Three-dimensional structure of asthenospheric flow beneath the Southeast Indian Ridge

    Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth (1978–2012)

    Volume 102, Issue B4, 10 April 1997, Pages: 7783–7802, Brian P. West, William S. D. Wilcock, Jean-Christophe Sempéré, Louis Géli

    Article first published online : 20 SEP 2012, DOI: 10.1029/96JB03895

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    A realistic assessment of fluvial and coastal flood risk in England and Wales

    Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers

    Volume 40, Issue 1, January 2015, Pages: 44–61, Edmund C Penning-Rowsell

    Article first published online : 20 MAR 2014, DOI: 10.1111/tran.12053

  12. A branch and bound algorithm for sector allocation of a naval task group

    Naval Research Logistics (NRL)

    Volume 58, Issue 7, October 2011, Pages: 655–669, Orhan Karasakal, Levent Kandiller and Nur Evin Özdemirel

    Article first published online : 29 AUG 2011, DOI: 10.1002/nav.20474

  13. Lung effects of inhaled corticosteroids in a rhesus monkey model of childhood asthma

    Clinical & Experimental Allergy

    Volume 42, Issue 7, July 2012, Pages: 1104–1118, C. G. Plopper, J. P. Joad, L. A. Miller, E. S. Schelegle, M. V. Fanucchi, L. S. Van Winkle, N. K. Tyler, M. V. Avdalovic, M. J. Evans, W. L. Lasley, A. R. Buckpitt, K. E. Pinkerton, B. K. Tarkington, S. Davis, S. J. Nishio, L. J. Gershwin, R. Wu and D. M. Hyde

    Article first published online : 15 JUN 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2222.2012.04005.x

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    Overexpression of the Nocardia lactamduransα-Aminoadipyl-Cysteinyl-Valine Synthetase in Streptomyces lividans

    European Journal of Biochemistry

    Volume 242, Issue 2, December 1996, Pages: 264–270, Juan José R. Coque, Juan Luis De La Fuente, Paloma Liras and Juan F. Martín

    Article first published online : 23 JUL 2004, DOI: 10.1111/j.1432-1033.1996.0264r.x

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    A resolved mantle anomaly as the cause of the Australian-Antarctic Discordance

    Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth (1978–2012)

    Volume 108, Issue B12, December 2003, M. H. Ritzwoller, N. M. Shapiro and G. M. Leahy

    Article first published online : 12 DEC 2003, DOI: 10.1029/2003JB002522

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    Simultaneous evaluation of viability and Bcl-2 in small-cell lung cancer

    Cytometry Part A

    Volume 73A, Issue 12, December 2008, Pages: 1165–1172, A. Santos, A. B. Sarmento-Ribeiro, M. C. Pedroso de Lima, S. Simões and J. N. Moreira

    Article first published online : 10 SEP 2008, DOI: 10.1002/cyto.a.20634

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    Fluorescence lifetime imaging of nuclear DNA: Effect of fluorescence resonance energy transfer


    Volume 41, Issue 3, 1 November 2000, Pages: 178–185, Shin-ichi Murata, Petr Herman, Hai-Jui Lin and Joseph R. Lakowicz

    Article first published online : 17 OCT 2000, DOI: 10.1002/1097-0320(20001101)41:3<178::AID-CYTO4>3.0.CO;2-N

  18. Gonadal function in males with autoimmune Addison's disease and autoantibodies to steroidogenic enzymes

    Clinical & Experimental Immunology

    Volume 176, Issue 3, June 2014, Pages: 373–379, M. Dalla Costa, G. Bonanni, S. Masiero, D. Faggian, S. Chen, J. Furmaniak, B. Rees Smith, R. Perniola, G. Radetti, S. Garelli, S. Chiarelli, M. P. Albergoni, M. Plebani and C. Betterle

    Article first published online : 24 APR 2014, DOI: 10.1111/cei.12303

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    Detection of cell cycle subcompartments by flow cytometric estimation of DNA–RNA content in combination with dual-color immunofluorescence


    Volume 39, Issue 2, 1 February 2000, Pages: 108–116, Ingrid Schmid, Steve W. Cole, Yael D. Korin, Jerome A. Zack and Janis V. Giorgi

    Article first published online : 17 FEB 2000, DOI: 10.1002/(SICI)1097-0320(20000201)39:2<108::AID-CYTO3>3.0.CO;2-4

  20. Oxidation products of L-lysine derivatives as starting materials for peptide synthesis and for the preparation of homoglutamic acid, homoglutamine and homoisoglutamine.

    International Journal of Peptide and Protein Research

    Volume 30, Issue 4, October 1987, Pages: 522–532, BOGDAN LIBEREK and REGINA KASPRZYKOWSKA

    Article first published online : 12 JAN 2009, DOI: 10.1111/j.1399-3011.1987.tb03361.x