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    The impact of comorbidity on cancer and its treatment

    CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians

    Volume 66, Issue 4, July/August 2016, Pages: 337–350, Diana Sarfati, Bogda Koczwara and Christopher Jackson

    Version of Record online : 17 FEB 2016, DOI: 10.3322/caac.21342

  2. A Critical Examination of the Use of the Term and Concept of Comorbidity in Psychopathology Research

    Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice

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  3. Epidemiology and Natural Course

    The Wiley Handbook of Anxiety Disorders

    Katja Beesdo-Baum, Susanne Knappe, Pages: 26–46, 2014

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  4. Epidemiology, Comorbidity and Mental Health Services Utilization

    The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of The Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety

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    Depression and Anxiety

    Volume 31, Issue 3, March 2014, Pages: 196–206, Gustavo H. Vázquez, Ross J. Baldessarini and Leonardo Tondo

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  6. Emerging clinical trends and perspectives on comorbid patterns of mental disorders in research

    International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research

    Volume 23, Issue S1, January 2014, Pages: 92–101, Giovanni A. Fava, Eliana Tossani, Per Bech, Carmen Berrocal, Guy Chouinard, Claudio Csillag, Hans-Ulrich Wittchen and Winfried Rief

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  7. Comorbidity of eating disorders with bipolar disorder and treatment implications

    Bipolar Disorders

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  8. Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence

    Standard Article

    Handbook of Psychology

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  10. Comorbidity: Social Anxiety Disorder and Psychiatric Comorbidity are not Shy to Co-Occur

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    The Wiley Handbook of Anxiety Disorders

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  13. Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence


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  16. Anxiety Disorders


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    Journal of Surgical Oncology

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  20. Assessment and Intervention Practices for Children with ADHD and Other Frontal-Striatal Circuit Disorders

    Best Practices in School Neuropsychology: Guidelines for Effective Practice, Assessment, and Evidence-Based Intervention

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