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  1. Cell proliferation and apoptosis in gill filaments of the lucinid Codakia orbiculata (Montagu, 1808) (Mollusca: Bivalvia) during bacterial decolonization and recolonization

    Microscopy Research and Technique

    Volume 75, Issue 8, August 2012, Pages: 1136–1146, Nathalie H. Elisabeth, Sylvie D.D. Gustave and Olivier Gros

    Article first published online : 22 MAR 2012, DOI: 10.1002/jemt.22041

  2. Diversity of proteobacterial endosymbionts in hemlock woolly adelgid (Adelges tsugae) (Hemiptera: Adelgidae) from its native and introduced range

    Environmental Microbiology

    Volume 15, Issue 7, July 2013, Pages: 2043–2062, Carol D. von Dohlen, Usha Spaulding, Kathleen Shields, Nathan P. Havill, Cristina Rosa and Kelli Hoover

    Article first published online : 4 MAR 2013, DOI: 10.1111/1462-2920.12102

  3. Plasticity of symbiont acquisition throughout the life cycle of the shallow-water tropical lucinid Codakia orbiculata (Mollusca: Bivalvia)

    Environmental Microbiology

    Volume 14, Issue 6, June 2012, Pages: 1584–1595, Olivier Gros, Nathalie H. Elisabeth, Sylvie D. D. Gustave, Audrey Caro and Nicole Dubilier

    Article first published online : 17 APR 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2012.02748.x

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    Molecular and cellular profiles of insect bacteriocytes: mutualism and harm at the initial evolutionary step of symbiogenesis

    Cellular Microbiology

    Volume 7, Issue 2, February 2005, Pages: 293–305, Abdelaziz Heddi, Agnès Vallier, Caroline Anselme, Huawei Xin, Yvan Rahbe and Felix Wäckers

    Article first published online : 18 OCT 2004, DOI: 10.1111/j.1462-5822.2004.00461.x

  5. Co-evolution and symbiont replacement shaped the symbiosis between adelgids (Hemiptera: Adelgidae) and their bacterial symbionts

    Environmental Microbiology

    Volume 14, Issue 5, May 2012, Pages: 1284–1295, Elena R. Toenshoff, Daniela Gruber and Matthias Horn

    Article first published online : 24 FEB 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2012.02712.x

  6. Actual distribution of bacteriocytes in the trophosome of a beard worm (Oligobrachia mashikoi, Siboglinidae, Annelida): clarification using whole-mount in situ hybridization

    Acta Zoologica

    Volume 88, Issue 2, April 2007, Pages: 129–135, M. Deguchi, N. Kubota, A. Matsuno, M. Kanemori, Y. Fukumori and Y. Sasayama

    Article first published online : 6 APR 2007, DOI: 10.1111/j.1463-6395.2007.00260.x

  7. Dynamic recruitment of amino acid transporters to the insect/symbiont interface

    Molecular Ecology

    Volume 23, Issue 6, March 2014, Pages: 1608–1623, Rebecca P. Duncan, Filip Husnik, James T. Van Leuven, Donald G. Gilbert, Liliana M. Dávalos, John P. McCutcheon and Alex C. C. Wilson

    Article first published online : 16 FEB 2014, DOI: 10.1111/mec.12627

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    In situ localization of sulphur in the thioautotrophic symbiotic model Lucina pectinata (Gmelin, 1791) by cryo-EFTEM microanalysis

    Biology of the Cell

    Volume 98, Issue 3, March 2006, Pages: 163–170, Jean-Pierre Lechaire, Ghislaine Frébourg, Françoise Gaill and Olivier Gros

    Article first published online : 9 JAN 2012, DOI: 10.1042/BC20040502

  9. Characterization of bacterial symbioses in Myrtea sp. (Bivalvia: Lucinidae) and Thyasira sp. (Bivalvia: Thyasiridae) from a cold seep in the Eastern Mediterranean

    Marine Ecology

    Volume 32, Issue 2, June 2011, Pages: 198–210, Terry Brissac, Clara F. Rodrigues, Olivier Gros and Sébastien Duperron

    Article first published online : 12 NOV 2010, DOI: 10.1111/j.1439-0485.2010.00413.x

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    Forever competent: deep-sea bivalves are colonized by their chemosynthetic symbionts throughout their lifetime

    Environmental Microbiology

    Volume 16, Issue 12, December 2014, Pages: 3699–3713, Cecilia Wentrup, Annelie Wendeberg, Mario Schimak, Christian Borowski and Nicole Dubilier

    Article first published online : 11 DEC 2014, DOI: 10.1111/1462-2920.12597

  11. Thioautotrophic bacterial endosymbionts are degraded by enzymatic digestion during starvation: Case study of two lucinids Codakia orbicularis and C. orbiculata

    Microscopy Research and Technique

    Volume 78, Issue 2, February 2015, Pages: 173–179, Sten König, Hervé Le Guyader and Olivier Gros

    Article first published online : 28 NOV 2014, DOI: 10.1002/jemt.22458

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    Lucinidae/sulfur-oxidizing bacteria: ancestral heritage or opportunistic association? Further insights from the Bohol Sea (the Philippines)

    FEMS Microbiology Ecology

    Volume 75, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages: 63–76, Terry Brissac, Hervé Merçot and Olivier Gros

    Article first published online : 22 NOV 2010, DOI: 10.1111/j.1574-6941.2010.00989.x

  13. Pea aphid promotes amino acid metabolism both in Medicago truncatula and bacteriocytes to favor aphid population growth under elevated CO2

    Global Change Biology

    Volume 19, Issue 10, October 2013, Pages: 3210–3223, Huijuan Guo, Yucheng Sun, Yuefei Li, Bin Tong, Marvin Harris, Keyan Zhu-Salzman and Feng Ge

    Article first published online : 15 JUL 2013, DOI: 10.1111/gcb.12260

  14. Ultrastructural reinvestigation of the trophosome in adults of Riftia pachyptila (Annelida, Siboglinidae)

    Invertebrate Biology

    Volume 122, Issue 4, November 2003, Pages: 347–368, Monika Bright and Angelika Sorgo

    Article first published online : 11 MAY 2005, DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7410.2003.tb00099.x

  15. Evolutionary replacement of obligate symbionts in an ancient and diverse insect lineage

    Environmental Microbiology

    Volume 15, Issue 7, July 2013, Pages: 2073–2081, Ryuichi Koga, Gordon M. Bennett, Jason R. Cryan and Nancy A. Moran

    Article first published online : 9 APR 2013, DOI: 10.1111/1462-2920.12121

  16. The anatomy of Lepetella sierrai (Vetigastropoda, Lepetelloidea): implications for reproduction, feeding, and symbiosis in lepetellid limpets

    Invertebrate Biology

    Volume 133, Issue 4, December 2014, Pages: 324–339, Jenna Judge and Gerhard Haszprunar

    Article first published online : 2 JUL 2014, DOI: 10.1111/ivb.12064

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    High symbiont diversity in the bone-eating worm Osedax mucofloris from shallow whale-falls in the North Atlantic

    Environmental Microbiology

    Volume 12, Issue 8, August 2010, Pages: 2355–2370, Caroline Verna, Alban Ramette, Helena Wiklund, Thomas G. Dahlgren, Adrian G. Glover, Françoise Gaill and Nicole Dubilier

    Article first published online : 4 AUG 2010, DOI: 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2010.02299.x

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    Mealybugs with distinct endosymbiotic systems living on the same host plant

    FEMS Microbiology Ecology

    Volume 83, Issue 1, January 2013, Pages: 93–100, Ryuichi Koga, Naruo Nikoh, Yu Matsuura, Xian-Ying Meng and Takema Fukatsu

    Article first published online : 6 AUG 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1574-6941.2012.01450.x

  19. Relative abundances of methane- and sulphur-oxidising symbionts in the gills of a cold seep mussel and link to their potential energy sources


    Volume 9, Issue 6, November 2011, Pages: 481–491, S. DUPERRON, H. GUEZI, S. M. GAUDRON, P. POP RISTOVA, F. WENZHÖFER and A. BOETIUS

    Article first published online : 6 OCT 2011, DOI: 10.1111/j.1472-4669.2011.00300.x

  20. Comparative modifications in bacterial gill-endosymbiotic populations of the two bivalves Codakia orbiculata and Lucina pensylvanica during bacterial loss and reacquisition

    FEMS Microbiology Ecology

    Volume 89, Issue 3, September 2014, Pages: 646–658, Nathalie H. Elisabeth, Audrey Caro, Thierry Césaire, Jean-Louis Mansot, Arthur Escalas, Marie-Noëlle Sylvestre, Patrick Jean-Louis and Olivier Gros

    Article first published online : 15 JUL 2014, DOI: 10.1111/1574-6941.12366