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    The P/Q channel in human disease: untangling the genetics and physiology

    Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Membrane Transport and Signaling

    Volume 1, Issue 3, May/June 2012, Pages: 311–320, Stephanie Schorge and Sanjeev Rajakulendran

    Article first published online : 23 JAN 2012, DOI: 10.1002/wmts.22

  2. Molecular genetics of migraine headaches: a review


    Volume 20, Issue 1, February 2000, Pages: 3–14, P Montagna

    Article first published online : 25 DEC 2001, DOI: 10.1046/j.1468-2982.2000.00003.x

  3. High cortical spreading depression susceptibility and migraine-associated symptoms in Cav2.1 S218L mice

    Annals of Neurology

    Volume 67, Issue 1, January 2010, Pages: 85–98, Arn M. J. M. van den Maagdenberg, Tommaso Pizzorusso, Simon Kaja, Nicole Terpolilli, Maryna Shapovalova, Freek E. Hoebeek, Curtis F. Barrett, Lisa Gherardini, Rob C. G. van de Ven, Boyan Todorov, Ludo A. M. Broos, Angelita Tottene, Zhenyu Gao, Mariann Fodor, Chris I. De Zeeuw, Rune R. Frants, Nikolaus Plesnila, Jaap J. Plomp, Daniela Pietrobon and Michel D. Ferrari

    Article first published online : 4 AUG 2009, DOI: 10.1002/ana.21815

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    Genetic and functional characterisation of the P/Q calcium channel in episodic ataxia with epilepsy

    The Journal of Physiology

    Volume 588, Issue 11, June 2010, Pages: 1905–1913, Sanjeev Rajakulendran, Tracey D. Graves, Robyn W. Labrum, Dimitrios Kotzadimitriou, Louise Eunson, Mary B. Davis, Rosalyn Davies, Nicholas W. Wood, Dimitri M. Kullmann, Michael G. Hanna and Stephanie Schorge

    Article first published online : 28 MAY 2010, DOI: 10.1113/jphysiol.2009.186437

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    Screening of CACNA1A and ATP1A2 genes in hemiplegic migraine: clinical, genetic, and functional studies

    Molecular Genetics & Genomic Medicine

    Volume 1, Issue 4, November 2013, Pages: 206–222, Oriel Carreño, Roser Corominas, Selma Angèlica Serra, Cèlia Sintas, Noèlia Fernández-Castillo, Marta Vila-Pueyo, Claudio Toma, Gemma G. Gené, Roser Pons, Miguel Llaneza, María-Jesús Sobrido, Daniel Grinberg, Miguel Ángel Valverde, José Manuel Fernández-Fernández, Alfons Macaya and Bru Cormand

    Article first published online : 2 JUL 2013, DOI: 10.1002/mgg3.24

  6. Genetic Calcium Signaling Abnormalities in the Central Nervous System: Seizures, Migraine, and Autism

    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

    Volume 1151, Issue 1, January 2009, Pages: 133–156, J. Jay Gargus

    Article first published online : 23 DEC 2008, DOI: 10.1111/j.1749-6632.2008.03572.x

  7. Hemiplegic and Basilar-type Migraine: Epidemiology, Genetics, and Mechanisms

    Headache Currents

    Volume 3, Issue 4, July/August 2006, Pages: 73–81, Esther De Theije-Kors and Joost Haan

    Article first published online : 14 AUG 2006, DOI: 10.1111/j.1743-5013.2006.00036.x

  8. Investigation of the CACNA1A gene as a candidate for typical migraine susceptibility

    American Journal of Medical Genetics

    Volume 105, Issue 8, 8 December 2001, Pages: 707–712, Rod A. Lea, Robert P. Curtain, Colin Hutchins, Peter J. Brimage and Lyn R. Griffiths

    Article first published online : 30 OCT 2001, DOI: 10.1002/ajmg.1609

  9. Genetic analysis of 27 Spanish patients with hemiplegic migraine, basilar-type migraine and childhood periodic syndromes


    Volume 28, Issue 10, October 2008, Pages: 1039–1047, E Cuenca-León, R Corominas, N Fernàndez-Castillo, V Volpini, M Del Toro, M Roig, A Macaya and B Cormand

    Article first published online : 17 JUL 2008, DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-2982.2008.01645.x

  10. The CACNA1A and ATP1A2 genes are not involved in dominantly inherited migraine with aura

    American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics

    Volume 141B, Issue 3, 5 April 2006, Pages: 250–256, Malene Kirchmann, Lise Lykke Thomsen and Jes Olesen

    Article first published online : 28 FEB 2006, DOI: 10.1002/ajmg.b.30277

  11. Autopsy case of acute encephalopathy linked to familial hemiplegic migraine with cerebellar atrophy and mental retardation


    Volume 25, Issue 3, September 2005, Pages: 228–234, Tatsuya Takahashi, Nobutaka Arai, Megumi Shimamura, Yume Suzuki, Sumimasa Yamashita, Hiroko Iwamoto, Yoshiaki Inayama, Youichi Kameda and Yoshiyuki Kuroiwa

    Article first published online : 29 AUG 2005, DOI: 10.1111/j.1440-1789.2005.00604.x

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    The Clinical Spectrum of Autosomal-Dominant Episodic Ataxias

    Movement Disorders Clinical Practice

    Volume 1, Issue 4, December 2014, Pages: 285–290, Stefan Kipfer and Michael Strupp

    Article first published online : 28 JUL 2014, DOI: 10.1002/mdc3.12075

  13. A review of the genetic relation between migraine and epilepsy


    Volume 28, Issue 2, February 2008, Pages: 105–113, J Haan, GM Terwindt, AMJM Van Den Maagdenberg, AH Stam and MD Ferrari

    Article first published online : 9 JAN 2008, DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-2982.2007.01460.x

  14. Delayed cerebral edema and fatal coma after minor head trauma: Role of the CACNA1A calcium channel subunit gene and relationship with familial hemiplegic migraine

    Annals of Neurology

    Volume 49, Issue 6, June 2001, Pages: 753–760, Esther E. Kors, Gisela M. Terwindt, Frans L.M.G. Vermeulen, Robin B. Fitzsimons, Philip E. Jardine, Peter Heywood, Seth Love, Arn M.J.M. Van Den Maagdenberg, Joost Haan, Rune R. Frants and Michel D. Ferrari

    Article first published online : 2 APR 2001, DOI: 10.1002/ana.1031

  15. Pseudomigraine With Lymphocytic Pleocytosis: A Calcium Channelopathy? Clinical Description of 10 Cases and Genetic Analysis of the Familial Hemiplegic Migraine Gene CACNA1A

    Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain

    Volume 43, Issue 8, September 2003, Pages: 892–895, Kristine M. Chapman, Blazej I. Szczygielski, Cory Toth, Andrew Woolfenden, Gordon Robinson, Terrance P. Snutch and Siân D. Spacey

    Article first published online : 27 AUG 2003, DOI: 10.1046/j.1526-4610.2003.03168.x

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    Forward genetic screen of mouse reveals dominant missense mutation in the P/Q-type voltage-dependent calcium channel, CACNA1A

    Genes, Brain and Behavior

    Volume 6, Issue 8, November 2007, Pages: 717–727, G. Xie, S. J. Clapcote, B. J. Nieman, T. Tallerico, Y. Huang, I. Vukobradovic, S. P. Cordes, L. R. Osborne, J. Rossant, J. G. Sled, J. T. Henderson and J. C. Roder

    Article first published online : 2 FEB 2007, DOI: 10.1111/j.1601-183X.2007.00302.x

  17. Chromosome 19p13 loci in Finnish migraine with aura families

    American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics

    Volume 132B, Issue 1, 5 January 2005, Pages: 85–89, Mari A. Kaunisto, Päivi J. Tikka, Mikko Kallela, Suzanne M. Leal, Jeanette C. Papp, Arja Korhonen, Eija Hämäläinen, Hanna Harno, Hannele Havanka, Markku Nissilä, Erkki Säkö, Matti Ilmavirta, Jaakko Kaprio, Markus Färkkilä, Roel A. Ophoff, Aarno Palotie and Maija Wessman

    Article first published online : 24 SEP 2004, DOI: 10.1002/ajmg.b.30082

  18. Novel CACNA1A mutation causes febrile episodic ataxia with interictal cerebellar deficits

    Annals of Neurology

    Volume 54, Issue 6, December 2003, Pages: 725–731, S. H. Subramony, Kelly Schott, Robert S. Raike, Joel Callahan, Leigh R. Langford, Peka S. Christova, John H. Anderson and Christopher M. Gomez

    Article first published online : 28 OCT 2003, DOI: 10.1002/ana.10756

  19. Migraine Genetics: Part II

    Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain

    Volume 53, Issue 8, September 2013, Pages: 1218–1229, Stephen D. Silberstein and David W. Dodick

    Article first published online : 6 AUG 2013, DOI: 10.1111/head.12169

  20. Migraine Genes and the Relation to Gender

    Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain

    Volume 51, Issue 6, June 2011, Pages: 880–890, Reinald Shyti, Boukje de Vries and Arn van den Maagdenberg

    Article first published online : 1 JUN 2011, DOI: 10.1111/j.1526-4610.2011.01913.x