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  1. pSTAT1, pSTAT3, and T-bet expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients correlates with disease activity

    Journal of Neuroscience Research

    Volume 84, Issue 5, October 2006, Pages: 1027–1036, Giovanni Frisullo, Francesco Angelucci, Marcella Caggiula, Viviana Nociti, Raffaele Iorio, Agata Katia Patanella, Cristina Sancricca, Massimiliano Mirabella, Pietro Attilio Tonali and Anna Paola Batocchi

    Version of Record online : 24 JUL 2006, DOI: 10.1002/jnr.20995

  2. pSTAT1, pSTAT3, and T-bet as markers of disease activity in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy

    Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System

    Volume 14, Issue 2, June 2009, Pages: 107–117, Francesca Madia, Giovanni Frisullo, Viviana Nociti, Amelia Conte, Marco Luigetti, Alessandra Del Grande, Agata Katia Patanella, Raffaele Iorio, Pietro Attilio Tonali, Anna Paola Batocchi and Mario Sabatelli

    Version of Record online : 6 AUG 2009, DOI: 10.1111/j.1529-8027.2009.00220.x

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    Interleukin-22 and interleukin-22–producing NKp44+ natural killer cells in subclinical gut inflammation in ankylosing spondylitis

    Arthritis & Rheumatism

    Volume 64, Issue 6, June 2012, Pages: 1869–1878, Francesco Ciccia, Antonina Accardo-Palumbo, Riccardo Alessandro, Aroldo Rizzo, Simona Principe, Sergio Peralta, Francesca Raiata, AnnaRita Giardina, Giacomo De Leo and Giovanni Triolo

    Version of Record online : 25 MAY 2012, DOI: 10.1002/art.34355

  4. Shift from pStat6 to pStat3 predominance is associated with inflammatory bowel disease-associated dysplasia

    Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

    Volume 18, Issue 7, July 2012, Pages: 1267–1274, Elizabeth C. Wick, Robert E. LeBlanc, Guillermo Ortega, Chelsea Robinson, Elizabeth Platz, Drew M. Pardoll, Chris Iacobuzio-Donahue and Cynthia L. Sears

    Version of Record online : 21 OCT 2011, DOI: 10.1002/ibd.21908

  5. STAT3 Serine 727 Phosphorylation: A Relevant Target to Radiosensitize Human Glioblastoma

    Brain Pathology

    Volume 26, Issue 1, January 2016, Pages: 18–30, Zangbéwendé Guy Ouédraogo, Mélanie Müller-Barthélémy, Jean-Louis Kemeny, Véronique Dedieu, Julian Biau, Toufic Khalil, Lala Ines Raoelfils, Adeline Granzotto, Bruno Pereira, Claude Beaudoin, Innocent Pierre Guissou, Marc Berger, Laurent Morel, Emmanuel Chautard and Pierre Verrelle

    Version of Record online : 30 APR 2015, DOI: 10.1111/bpa.12254

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    Paediatric Crohn disease patients with stricturing behaviour exhibit ileal granulocyte–macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) autoantibody production and reduced neutrophil bacterial killing and GM-CSF bioactivity

    Clinical & Experimental Immunology

    Volume 172, Issue 3, June 2013, Pages: 455–465, I. Jurickova, M. H. Collins, C. Chalk, A. Seese, R. Bezold, K. Lake, D. von Allmen, J. S. Frischer, R. A. Falcone, B. C. Trapnell and L. A. Denson

    Version of Record online : 18 APR 2013, DOI: 10.1111/cei.12076

  7. Activation of an IL-6:STAT3-dependent transcriptome in pediatric-onset inflammatory bowel disease

    Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

    Volume 14, Issue 4, April 2008, Pages: 446–457, Rebecca Carey, Ingrid Jurickova, Edgar Ballard, Erin Bonkowski, Xiaonan Han, Huan Xu and Lee A. Denson

    Version of Record online : 10 DEC 2007, DOI: 10.1002/ibd.20342

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    Generation of human Th1-like regulatory CD4+ T cells by an intrinsic IFN-γ- and T-bet-dependent pathway

    European Journal of Immunology

    Volume 41, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages: 128–139, Jian Zheng, Yinping Liu, Gang Qin, Kwok-Tai Lam, Jing Guan, Zheng Xiang, David B. Lewis, Yu-Lung Lau and Wenwei Tu

    Version of Record online : 1 DEC 2010, DOI: 10.1002/eji.201040724

  9. Differential activation of neuronal and glial STAT3 in the spinal cord of the SOD1G93A mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

    European Journal of Neuroscience

    Volume 46, Issue 4, August 2017, Pages: 2001–2014, Tomohiro Ohgomori, Ryo Yamasaki, Hideyuki Takeuchi, Kenji Kadomatsu, Jun-ichi Kira and Shozo Jinno

    Version of Record online : 8 AUG 2017, DOI: 10.1111/ejn.13650

  10. Nuclear localization of activated STAT6 and STAT3 in epidermis of prurigo nodularis

    British Journal of Dermatology

    Volume 165, Issue 5, November 2011, Pages: 990–996, S. Fukushi, K. Yamasaki and S. Aiba

    Version of Record online : 29 SEP 2011, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2133.2011.10498.x

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    Early changes in interferon signaling define natural killer cell response and refractoriness to interferon-based therapy of hepatitis C patients


    Volume 55, Issue 1, January 2012, Pages: 39–48, Birgit Edlich, Golo Ahlenstiel, Aintzane Azpiroz Zabaleta, Jonathan Stoltzfus, Mazen Noureddin, Elisavet Serti, Jordan J. Feld, T. Jake Liang, Yaron Rotman and Barbara Rehermann

    Version of Record online : 14 NOV 2011, DOI: 10.1002/hep.24628

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    Insufficient interleukin-12 signalling favours differentiation of human CD4+ and CD8+ T cells into GATA-3+ and GATA-3+ T-bet+ subsets in humanized mice


    Volume 143, Issue 2, October 2014, Pages: 202–218, Eva Billerbeck, Rachael N. Labitt, Kevin Vega, Natalia Frias-Staheli, Marcus Dorner, Jing W. Xiao, Charles M. Rice and Alexander Ploss

    Version of Record online : 8 SEP 2014, DOI: 10.1111/imm.12304

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    Allosteric regulation of rhomboid intramembrane proteolysis

    The EMBO Journal

    Volume 33, Issue 17, 1 September 2014, Pages: 1869–1881, Elena Arutyunova, Pankaj Panwar, Pauline M Skiba, Nicola Gale, Michelle W Mak and M Joanne Lemieux

    Version of Record online : 9 JUL 2014, DOI: 10.15252/embj.201488149

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    Immunoreactivity of Stat5 phosphorylated on tyrosine as a cell-based measure of Bcr/Abl kinase activity

    Cytometry Part A

    Volume 54A, Issue 2, August 2003, Pages: 75–88, James W. Jacobberger, R. Michael Sramkoski, Phyllis S. Frisa, Peggy Peng Ye, Megan A. Gottlieb, David W. Hedley, T. Vincent Shankey, Bradley L. Smith, Mary Paniagua and Charles L. Goolsby

    Version of Record online : 18 JUL 2003, DOI: 10.1002/cyto.a.10063

  15. Differential sensitivity of specific neuronal populations of the rat hypothalamus to prolactin action

    Journal of Comparative Neurology

    Volume 520, Issue 5, 1 April 2012, Pages: 1062–1077, Tony J. Sapsford, Ilona C. Kokay, Lovisa Östberg, Robert S. Bridges and David R. Grattan

    Version of Record online : 17 JAN 2012, DOI: 10.1002/cne.22775

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    Overexpression of phosphorylated STAT-1α in the labial salivary glands of patients with Sjögren's syndrome

    Arthritis & Rheumatism

    Volume 54, Issue 11, November 2006, Pages: 3476–3484, Ei Wakamatsu, Isao Matsumoto, Takanori Yasukochi, Yusuke Naito, Daisuke Goto, Mizuko Mamura, Satoshi Ito, Akito Tsutsumi and Takayuki Sumida

    Version of Record online : 30 OCT 2006, DOI: 10.1002/art.22176

  17. The role of phosphorylated signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (pSTAT3) in peripheral nerve sheath tumours


    Volume 70, Issue 6, May 2017, Pages: 946–953, Gauri Panse, Cheuk H Leung, Davis R Ingram, Khalida Wani, Keila E Torres, Heather Lin, Alexander J Lazar and Wei-Lien Wang

    Version of Record online : 9 FEB 2017, DOI: 10.1111/his.13154

  18. Neonatal Onset of Leptin Signalling in Dopamine Neurones of The Ventral Tegmental Area in The Rat

    Journal of Neuroendocrinology

    Volume 26, Issue 12, December 2014, Pages: 835–843, L. Naef, E. Gjerde, H. Long, D. Richard and C.-D. Walker

    Version of Record online : 17 NOV 2014, DOI: 10.1111/jne.12221

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    Meta-chlorophenylpiperazine enhances leptin sensitivity in diet-induced obese mice

    British Journal of Pharmacology

    Volume 172, Issue 14, July 2015, Pages: 3510–3521, Chunling Yan, Yongjie Yang, Kenji Saito, Pingwen Xu, Chunmei Wang, Antentor Othrell Hinton Jr, Xiaofeng Yan, Qi Wu, Qingchun Tong, Joel K Elmquist, Makoto Fukuda and Yong Xu

    Version of Record online : 11 MAY 2015, DOI: 10.1111/bph.13141

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    Detection of phospho-STAT5 in mast cells: a reliable phenotypic marker of systemic mast cell disease that reflects constitutive tyrosine kinase activation

    British Journal of Haematology

    Volume 139, Issue 1, October 2007, Pages: 31–40, Tania Zuluaga Toro, Fred H. Hsieh, Juraj Bodo, Henry Y. Dong and Eric D. Hsi

    Version of Record online : 27 JUL 2007, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2141.2007.06708.x