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    Distribution of phosphorylated GAP-43 (neuromodulin) in growth cones directly reflects growth cone behavior

    Journal of Neurobiology

    Volume 35, Issue 3, 5 June 1998, Pages: 287–299, Erik W. Dent and Karina F. Meiri

    Version of Record online : 7 DEC 1998, DOI: 10.1002/(SICI)1097-4695(19980605)35:3<287::AID-NEU6>3.0.CO;2-V

  2. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Mammals of Borneo – small size on a large island

    Journal of Biogeography

    Volume 35, Issue 6, June 2008, Pages: 1087–1094, Shai Meiri, Erik Meijaard, Serge A. Wich, Colin P. Groves and Kristofer M. Helgen

    Version of Record online : 7 APR 2008, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2699.2008.01897.x

  3. Regulation of animal size by eNPP, Bergmann's rule and related phenomena

    Ecological Monographs

    Volume 81, Issue 3, August 2011, Pages: 349–405, Michael A. Huston and Steve Wolverton

    Version of Record online : 1 AUG 2011, DOI: 10.1890/10-1523.1

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    Mutagenesis of ser41 to ala inhibits the association of GAP-43 with the membrane skeleton of GAP-43-deficient PC12B cells: Effects on cell adhesion and the composition of neurite cytoskeleton and membrane

    Journal of Neurobiology

    Volume 29, Issue 2, February 1996, Pages: 213–232, Karina F. Meiri, Joseph P. Hammang, Erik W. Dent and E. Edward Baetge

    Version of Record online : 7 DEC 1998, DOI: 10.1002/(SICI)1097-4695(199602)29:2<213::AID-NEU7>3.0.CO;2-D

  5. Is the island rule general? Turtles disagree

    Global Ecology and Biogeography

    Volume 23, Issue 6, June 2014, Pages: 689–700, Yuval Itescu, Nancy E. Karraker, Pasquale Raia, Peter C. H. Pritchard and Shai Meiri

    Version of Record online : 23 JAN 2014, DOI: 10.1111/geb.12149

  6. Bergmann′s rule in mammals: a cross-species interspecific pattern


    Volume 122, Issue 10, October 2013, Pages: 1465–1472, Marcus Clauss, Marie T. Dittmann, Dennis W. H. Müller, Carlo Meloro and Daryl Codron

    Version of Record online : 19 MAR 2013, DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0706.2013.00463.x

  7. Effects of Gangliosides GM1 and GD1 a on GAP-43 Phosphorylation and Dephosphorylation in Isolated Growth Cones

    Journal of Neurochemistry

    Volume 62, Issue 1, January 1994, Pages: 291–299, Karina F. Meiri and Marcia Beverly

    Version of Record online : 28 JUN 2008, DOI: 10.1046/j.1471-4159.1994.62010291.x

  8. Satellite telemetry reveals long-distance migration in the Asian great bustard Otis tarda dybowskii

    Journal of Avian Biology

    Volume 44, Issue 4, July 2013, Pages: 311–320, A. E. Kessler, N. Batbayar, T. Natsagdorj, D. Batsuur’ and A. T. Smith

    Version of Record online : 27 MAR 2013, DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-048X.2013.00072.x

  9. The number of competitor species is unlinked to sexual dimorphism

    Journal of Animal Ecology

    Volume 83, Issue 6, November 2014, Pages: 1302–1312, Shai Meiri, Amy E. Kadison, Maria Novosolov, Panayiotis Pafilis, Johannes Foufopoulos, Yuval Itescu, Pasquale Raia and Daniel Pincheira-Donoso

    Version of Record online : 16 JUN 2014, DOI: 10.1111/1365-2656.12248

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    Bergmann's Rule – what's in a name?

    Global Ecology and Biogeography

    Volume 20, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages: 203–207, Shai Meiri

    Version of Record online : 23 JUL 2010, DOI: 10.1111/j.1466-8238.2010.00577.x



    Volume 60, Issue 8, August 2006, Pages: 1731–1742, Pasquale Raia and Shai Meiri

    Version of Record online : 8 MAY 2007, DOI: 10.1111/j.0014-3820.2006.tb00516.x

  12. The global distribution of net primary production: resolving the paradox

    Ecological Monographs

    Volume 79, Issue 3, August 2009, Pages: 343–377, Michael A. Huston and Steve Wolverton

    Version of Record online : 1 AUG 2009, DOI: 10.1890/08-0588.1

  13. Contrasting effects of climate on juvenile body size in a Southern Hemisphere passerine bird

    Global Change Biology

    Volume 21, Issue 8, August 2015, Pages: 2929–2941, Loeske E. B. Kruuk, Helen L. Osmond and Andrew Cockburn

    Version of Record online : 8 JUN 2015, DOI: 10.1111/gcb.12926

  14. Testing Bergmann's rule and the resource seasonality hypothesis in Malagasy primates using GIS-based climate data

    American Journal of Physical Anthropology

    Volume 147, Issue 3, March 2012, Pages: 401–408, Jason M. Kamilar, Kathleen M. Muldoon, Shawn M. Lehman and James P. Herrera

    Version of Record online : 23 JAN 2012, DOI: 10.1002/ajpa.22002

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    British Journal of Pharmacology

    Volume 73, Issue 2, June 1981, Pages: 413–429, E.M. SILINSKY

    Version of Record online : 19 JUL 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1476-5381.1981.tb10438.x

  16. Down-regulation of GAP-43 During Oligodendrocyte Development and Lack of Expression by Astrocytes In Vivo: Implications for Macroglial Differentiation

    European Journal of Neuroscience

    Volume 3, Issue 9, September 1991, Pages: 876–886, Rory Curtis, Rebecca Hardy, Richard Reynolds, Barbara A. Spruce and Graham P. Wilkin

    Version of Record online : 7 APR 2006, DOI: 10.1111/j.1460-9568.1991.tb00099.x

  17. The Caregiving Environment and Developmental Outcomes of Preterm Infants: Diathesis Stress or Differential Susceptibility Effects?

    Child Development

    Volume 86, Issue 4, July/August 2015, Pages: 1014–1030, Noa Gueron-Sela, Naama Atzaba-Poria, Gal Meiri and Kyla Marks

    Version of Record online : 15 APR 2015, DOI: 10.1111/cdev.12359

  18. Phylogeography and subspecies taxonomy of dunlins (Calidris alpina) in western Palearctic analysed by DNA microsatellites and amplified fragment length polymorphism markers

    Biological Journal of the Linnean Society

    Volume 92, Issue 4, December 2007, Pages: 713–726, GUNNHILD MARTHINSEN, LIV WENNERBERG and JAN T. LIFJELD

    Version of Record online : 7 DEC 2007, DOI: 10.1111/j.1095-8312.2007.00931.x


    Biological Reviews

    Volume 51, Issue 4, November 1976, Pages: 453–486, By D. H. JENNINGS

    Version of Record online : 21 JAN 2008, DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-185X.1976.tb01064.x

  20. Evolutionary and biogeographical implications of variation in skull morphology of raccoon dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides, Mammalia: Carnivora)

    Biological Journal of the Linnean Society

    Volume 116, Issue 4, December 2015, Pages: 856–872, Sang-In Kim, Tatsuo Oshida, Hang Lee, Mi-Sook Min and Junpei Kimura

    Version of Record online : 20 AUG 2015, DOI: 10.1111/bij.12629