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  1. Information externalities and intermediaries in frictional search markets

    Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d'économique

    Volume 47, Issue 4, November/Novembre 2014, Pages: 1131–1152, Xianwen Shi and Aloysius Siow

    Version of Record online : 22 JUL 2015, DOI: 10.1111/caje.12114

  2. Retracted: Dynamics of Unclosed Triangles in Alliance Networks: Disappearance of Brokerage Positions and Performance Consequences

    Journal of Management Studies

    Volume 49, Issue 6, September 2012, Pages: 1078–1108, Jungwon Min and Hitoshi Mitsuhashi

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  3. Price Dispersion in Mortgage Markets

    The Journal of Industrial Economics

    Volume 62, Issue 3, September 2014, Pages: 377–416, Jason Allen, Robert Clark and Jean-François Houde

    Version of Record online : 1 SEP 2014, DOI: 10.1111/joie.12046

  4. Mortgage Brokers, Origination Fees, Price Transparency and Competition

    Real Estate Economics

    Volume 42, Issue 2, Summer 2014, Pages: 363–421, Brent W. Ambrose and James N. Conklin

    Version of Record online : 7 MAR 2014, DOI: 10.1111/1540-6229.12039

  5. Institutionalizing Legal Consciousness: Regulation and the Embedding of Market Participants in the Securities Industry in Ghana and Fiji

    Law & Society Review

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  6. Dual Trading in Futures Markets

    The Journal of Finance

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  7. How Insurance Brokers Create Value—A Functional Approach

    Risk Management and Insurance Review

    Volume 13, Issue 1, Spring 2010, Pages: 1–20, Peter Maas

    Version of Record online : 28 JAN 2010, DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6296.2009.01176.x

  8. What Do Consumers’ Fund Flows Maximize? Evidence from Their Brokers’ Incentives

    The Journal of Finance

    Volume 68, Issue 1, February 2013, Pages: 201–235, SUSAN E. K. CHRISTOFFERSEN, RICHARD EVANS and DAVID K. MUSTO

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  9. Enhancing information lookup privacy through homomorphic encryption

    Security and Communication Networks

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  10. Brokering Peace: Networks, Legitimacy, and the Northern Ireland Peace Process

    International Studies Quarterly

    Volume 56, Issue 3, September 2012, Pages: 501–515, STACIE E. GODDARD

    Version of Record online : 1 JUN 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-2478.2012.00737.x

  11. Intermediation and (Mis-)Matching in Insurance Markets—Who Should Pay the Insurance Broker?

    Journal of Risk and Insurance

    Volume 80, Issue 2, June 2013, Pages: 329–350, Uwe Focht, Andreas Richter and Jörg Schiller

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  12. The Endurance and Eclipse of the Controlled Vote: A Formal Model of Vote Brokerage Under the Secret Ballot

    Economics & Politics

    Volume 25, Issue 3, November 2013, Pages: 453–480, Daniel W. Gingerich and Luis Fernando Medina

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    Financial Review

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  14. The Real Effects of Financial Shocks: Evidence from Exogenous Changes in Analyst Coverage

    The Journal of Finance

    Volume 68, Issue 4, August 2013, Pages: 1407–1440, FRANÇOIS DERRIEN and AMBRUS KECSKÉS

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  15. Brokering of risk-aware service level agreements in grids

    Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience

    Volume 23, Issue 13, 10 September 2011, Pages: 1558–1582, K. Djemame, J. Padgett, I. Gourlay and D. Armstrong

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  16. Modelling the Blind Principal Bid Basket Trading Cost

    European Financial Management

    Volume 18, Issue 2, March 2012, Pages: 271–302, Christos Giannikos, Hany Guirguis and Tin Shan Suen

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  17. Do Laws Influence the Cost of Real Estate Brokerage Services? A State Fixed Effects Approach

    Real Estate Economics

    Anupam Nanda, John M. Clapp and Katherine A. Pancak

    Version of Record online : 2 NOV 2015, DOI: 10.1111/1540-6229.12124

  18. Financial analysts and price discovery

    Accounting & Finance

    Volume 48, Issue 1, March 2008, Pages: 1–24, Michael Aitken, Niall Almeida, Frederick H. deB. Harris and Thomas H. McInish

    Version of Record online : 2 JAN 2008, DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-629X.2007.00235.x

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    How Subprime Borrowers and Mortgage Brokers Shared the Pie

    Real Estate Economics

    Volume 44, Issue 1, Spring 2016, Pages: 87–154, Antje Berndt, Burton Hollifield and Patrik Sandås

    Version of Record online : 19 MAR 2015, DOI: 10.1111/1540-6229.12087

  20. The Real Estate Brokerage Market and the Decision to Disclose Property Condition Defects

    Real Estate Economics

    Volume 36, Issue 4, Winter 2008, Pages: 693–716, Jonathan A. Wiley and Len V. Zumpano

    Version of Record online : 28 NOV 2008, DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6229.2008.00227.x