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  1. Advice Given to Parents on Welcoming a Second Child: A Critical Review

    Family Relations

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  2. The Development of Sibling Jealousy

    Handbook of Jealousy: Theory, Research, and Multidisciplinary Approaches

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    Journal of Marriage and Family

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  4. Jealousy and Attachment

    Handbook of Jealousy: Theory, Research, and Multidisciplinary Approaches

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  5. Adolescents’ Relationships with Siblings


    Handbook of Adolescent Psychology

    Patricia L. East

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  6. Relational Aggression in Adolescents’ Sibling Relationships: Links to Sibling and Parent-Adolescent Relationship Quality

    Family Relations

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    Child Development

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  8. Forever Different: Experiences of Living with a Sibling Who Has a Traumatic Brain Injury

    Rehabilitation Nursing

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  9. Are There Adverse Consequences to Being a Sibling of a Person With a Disability? A Propensity Score Analysis

    Family Relations

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  10. ‘The overall quality of my life as a sibling is all right, but of course, it could always be better’. Quality of life of siblings of children with intellectual disability: the siblings' perspectives

    Journal of Intellectual Disability Research

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    Family Relations

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  19. Sibling Facilitation Mediates the Association Between Older and Younger Sibling Alcohol Use in Late Adolescence

    Journal of Research on Adolescence

    Volume 25, Issue 4, December 2015, Pages: 638–651, Diana R. Samek, Matt McGue, Margaret Keyes and William G. Iacono

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  20. Siblings in Family Transitions

    Family Relations

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