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    Alternative splicing of human metabotropic glutamate receptor 3

    Journal of Neurochemistry

    Volume 96, Issue 4, February 2006, Pages: 1139–1148, Leah J. Sartorius, Guhan Nagappan, Barbara K. Lipska, Bai Lu, Yoshitatsu Sei, Renee Ren-Patterson, Zhen Li, Daniel R. Weinberger and Paul J. Harrison

    Version of Record online : 17 JAN 2006, DOI: 10.1111/j.1471-4159.2005.03609.x

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    Association between genetic variants of the metabotropic glutamate receptor 3 (GRM3) and cognitive set shifting in healthy individuals

    Genes, Brain and Behavior

    Volume 9, Issue 5, July 2010, Pages: 459–466, B. T. Baune, T. Suslow, C. Beśte, E. Birosova, K. Domschke, C. Sehlmeyer and C. Konrad

    Version of Record online : 30 JAN 2010, DOI: 10.1111/j.1601-183X.2010.00573.x

  3. Association between type-three metabotropic glutamate receptor gene (GRM3) variants and symptom presentation in treatment refractory schizophrenia

    Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental

    Volume 26, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages: 28–34, Jeffrey R. Bishop, Del D. Miller, Vicki L. Ellingrod and Timothy Holman

    Version of Record online : 23 FEB 2011, DOI: 10.1002/hup.1163

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    Glutamatergic signaling in cellular transformation

    Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research

    Volume 25, Issue 3, May 2012, Pages: 331–342, Jessica L. F. Teh and Suzie Chen

    Version of Record online : 20 FEB 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1755-148X.2012.00983.x

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    Allelic variance between GRM6 mutants, Grm6nob3 and Grm6nob4 results in differences in retinal ganglion cell visual responses

    The Journal of Physiology

    Volume 586, Issue 18, September 2008, Pages: 4409–4424, Dennis M. Maddox, Kirstan A. Vessey, Gary L. Yarbrough, Brandon M. Invergo, Donald R. Cantrell, Samsoon Inayat, Victoria Balannik, Wanda L. Hicks, Norman L. Hawes, Shannon Byers, Richard S. Smith, Ron Hurd, Douglas Howell, Ronald G. Gregg, Bo Chang, Jürgen K. Naggert, John B. Troy, Lawrence H. Pinto, Patsy M. Nishina and Maureen A. McCall

    Version of Record online : 15 SEP 2008, DOI: 10.1113/jphysiol.2008.157289

  6. Synergistic association of PI4KA and GRM3 genetic polymorphisms with poor antipsychotic response in south Indian schizophrenia patients with low severity of illness

    American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics

    Volume 165, Issue 8, December 2014, Pages: 635–646, Harpreet Kaur, Ajay Jajodia, Sandeep Grover, Ruchi Baghel, Sanjeev Jain and Ritushree Kukreti

    Version of Record online : 10 SEP 2014, DOI: 10.1002/ajmg.b.32268

  7. Replication study and meta-analysis of the genetic association of GRM3 gene polymorphisms with schizophrenia in a large Japanese case-control population

    American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics

    Volume 147B, Issue 3, 5 April 2008, Pages: 392–396, Talal Albalushi, Yasue Horiuchi, Hiroki Ishiguro, Minori Koga, Toshiya Inada, Nakao Iwata, Norio Ozaki, Hiroshi Ujike, Yuichiro Watanabe, Toshiyuki Someya and Tadao Arinami

    Version of Record online : 19 OCT 2007, DOI: 10.1002/ajmg.b.30610

  8. Metabotropic glutamate receptor 3 (GRM3) gene variation is not associated with schizophrenia or bipolar affective disorder in the German population

    American Journal of Medical Genetics

    Volume 114, Issue 1, 8 January 2002, Pages: 46–50, Sylvia Bort Martí, Sven Cichon, Peter Propping and Markus Nöthen

    Version of Record online : 5 DEC 2001, DOI: 10.1002/ajmg.1624

  9. Choice of statistical model for estimating genetic parameters using restricted maximum likelihood in swine

    Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics

    Volume 119, Issue 5, October 2002, Pages: 285–296, M. Satoh, C. Hicks, K. Ishii and T. Furukawa

    Version of Record online : 16 OCT 2002, DOI: 10.1046/j.1439-0388.2002.00355.x

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    Hippocampal mossy fiber long-term depression in Grm2/3 double knockout mice


    Volume 65, Issue 9, September 2011, Pages: 945–954, Louisa Lyon, Melodie Borel, Miriam CarriÓn, James N.C. Kew, Corrado Corti, Paul J. Harrison, Philip W.J. Burnet, Ole Paulsen and Antonio RodrÍGuez-Moreno

    Version of Record online : 28 MAR 2011, DOI: 10.1002/syn.20923

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    Histone methylation at gene promoters is associated with developmental regulation and region-specific expression of ionotropic and metabotropic glutamate receptors in human brain

    Journal of Neurochemistry

    Volume 94, Issue 2, July 2005, Pages: 324–336, Florian Stadler, Gabriele Kolb, Lothar Rubusch, Stephen P. Baker, Edward G. Jones and Schahram Akbarian

    Version of Record online : 23 MAY 2005, DOI: 10.1111/j.1471-4159.2005.03190.x

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    Polymorphisms associated with normal memory variation also affect memory impairment in schizophrenia

    Genes, Brain and Behavior

    Volume 10, Issue 4, June 2011, Pages: 410–417, A. Jablensky, B. Morar, S. Wiltshire, K. Carter, M. Dragovic, J. C. Badcock, D. Chandler, K. Peters and L. Kalaydjieva

    Version of Record online : 10 FEB 2011, DOI: 10.1111/j.1601-183X.2011.00679.x

  13. Gyromagnetic remanence acquired by greigite (Fe3S4) during static three-axis alternating field demagnetization

    Geophysical Journal International

    Volume 134, Issue 3, September 1998, Pages: 831–842, S. Hu, E. Appel, V. Hoffmann, W. W. Schmahl and S. Wang

    Version of Record online : 27 FEB 2002, DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-246x.1998.00627.x

  14. Multitheragnostic Multi-GNRs Crystal-Seeded Magnetic Nanoseaurchin for Enhanced In Vivo Mesenchymal-Stem-Cell Homing, Multimodal Imaging, and Stroke Therapy

    Advanced Materials

    Volume 27, Issue 41, November 4, 2015, Pages: 6488–6495, Po-Jung Chen, Yi-Da Kang, Chen-Huan Lin, San-Yuan Chen, Chia-Hung Hsieh, You-Yin Chen, Chun-Wei Chiang, Wei Lee, Chung-Y Hsu, Lun-De Liao, Chih-Tai Fan, Meng-Lin Li and Woei-Cherng Shyu

    Version of Record online : 25 SEP 2015, DOI: 10.1002/adma.201502784

  15. Measuring the Contribution of Workers' Health and Psychosocial Work-Environment on Production Efficiency

    Production and Operations Management

    Volume 23, Issue 12, December 2014, Pages: 2191–2208, Fredrik Ødegaard and Pontus Roos

    Version of Record online : 29 MAY 2014, DOI: 10.1111/poms.12242

  16. The eye of the storm: light from the inner plunging region of black hole accretion discs

    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

    Volume 424, Issue 4, 21 August 2012, Pages: 2504–2521, Yucong Zhu, Shane W. Davis, Ramesh Narayan, Akshay K. Kulkarni, Robert F. Penna and Jeffrey E. McClintock

    Version of Record online : 23 JUL 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2012.21181.x

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    Delving into somatic variation in sporadic melanoma

    Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research

    Volume 25, Issue 2, March 2012, Pages: 155–170, Vijay Walia, Euphemia W. Mu, Jimmy C. Lin and Yardena Samuels

    Version of Record online : 13 FEB 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1755-148X.2012.00976.x

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    New developments in dermatological oncogenetics

    JDDG: Journal der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft

    Volume 11, Issue 9, September 2013, Pages: 831–836, Manfred Kunz

    Version of Record online : 19 AUG 2013, DOI: 10.1111/ddg.12157

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    Expression of glutamatergic genes in healthy humans across 16 brain regions; altered expression in the hippocampus after chronic exposure to alcohol or cocaine

    Genes, Brain and Behavior

    Volume 13, Issue 8, November 2014, Pages: 758–768, M.-A. Enoch, A. A. Rosser, Z. Zhou, D. C. Mash, Q. Yuan and D. Goldman

    Version of Record online : 27 OCT 2014, DOI: 10.1111/gbb.12179

  20. Quantitative proteome profiling of dystrophic dog skeletal muscle reveals a stabilized muscular architecture and protection against oxidative stress after systemic delivery of MuStem cells


    Volume 16, Issue 14, July 2016, Pages: 2028–2042, Aurélie Lardenois, Sabrina Jagot, Mélanie Lagarrigue, Blandine Guével, Mireille Ledevin, Thibaut Larcher, Laurence Dubreil, Charles Pineau, Karl Rouger and Laëtitia Guével

    Version of Record online : 21 JUL 2016, DOI: 10.1002/pmic.201600002