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  1. Orexinergic theta rhythm in the rat hippocampal formation: In vitro and in vivo findings


    Renata Bocian, Paulina Kazmierska, Paulina Kłos-Wojtczak, Tomasz Kowalczyk and Jan Konopacki

    Article first published online : 15 APR 2015, DOI: 10.1002/hipo.22459

  2. Muscarinic-2 and orexin-2 receptors on GABAergic and other neurons in the rat mesopontine tegmentum and their potential role in sleep–wake state control

    Journal of Comparative Neurology

    Volume 510, Issue 6, 20 October 2008, Pages: 607–630, Frédéric Brischoux, Lynda Mainville and Barbara E. Jones

    Article first published online : 15 AUG 2008, DOI: 10.1002/cne.21803

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    Orexin neurons are indispensable for stress-induced thermogenesis in mice

    The Journal of Physiology

    Volume 588, Issue 21, November 2010, Pages: 4117–4129, Wei Zhang, Jinko Sunanaga, Yoshiko Takahashi, Taketsugu Mori, Takeshi Sakurai, Yuichi Kanmura and Tomoyuki Kuwaki

    Article first published online : 29 OCT 2010, DOI: 10.1113/jphysiol.2010.195099

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    The Hypothalamic Orexinergic System: Pain and Primary Headaches

    Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain

    Volume 47, Issue 6, June 2007, Pages: 951–962, Philip Holland and Peter J. Goadsby

    Article first published online : 18 JUL 2008, DOI: 10.1111/j.1526-4610.2007.00842.x

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    The hypocretins/orexins: integrators of multiple physiological functions

    British Journal of Pharmacology

    Volume 171, Issue 2, January 2014, Pages: 332–350, Jingcheng Li, Zhian Hu and Luis de Lecea

    Article first published online : 23 DEC 2013, DOI: 10.1111/bph.12415

  6. Modulation of neurotransmitter release in orexin/hypocretin-2 receptor knockout mice: A microdialysis study

    Journal of Neuroscience Research

    Volume 90, Issue 3, March 2012, Pages: 588–596, Jorge E. Ortega, Jason Katner, Richard Davis, Mark Wade, Laura Nisenbaum, George G. Nomikos, Kjell A. Svensson and Kenneth W. Perry

    Article first published online : 30 OCT 2011, DOI: 10.1002/jnr.22781

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    Orexinergic projections to the cat midbrain mediate alternation of emotional behavioural states from locomotion to cataplexy

    The Journal of Physiology

    Volume 568, Issue 3, November 2005, Pages: 1003–1020, Kaoru Takakusaki, Kazumi Takahashi, Kazuya Saitoh, Hirofumi Harada, Toshikatsu Okumura, Yukihiko Kayama and Yoshimasa Koyama

    Article first published online : 2 NOV 2005, DOI: 10.1113/jphysiol.2005.085829

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    Hypothalamic Hypocretinergic/Orexinergic Neurons Projecting to the Oral Pontine Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Inducing Site in the Cat

    The Anatomical Record

    Volume 296, Issue 5, May 2013, Pages: 815–821, Berta García-García, Fernando Reinoso-Suárez and Margarita L. Rodrigo-Angulo

    Article first published online : 8 APR 2013, DOI: 10.1002/ar.22690

  9. Role of orexins in the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian relationships

    Acta Physiologica

    Volume 198, Issue 3, March 2010, Pages: 355–360, P. Silveyra, N. I. Cataldi, V. A. Lux-Lantos and C. Libertun

    Article first published online : 1 OCT 2009, DOI: 10.1111/j.1748-1716.2009.02049.x

  10. Diurnal inhibition of NMDA-EPSCs at rat hippocampal mossy fibre synapses through orexin-2 receptors

    The Journal of Physiology

    Volume 592, Issue 19, 1 October 2014, Pages: 4277–4295, Martina Perin, Fabio Longordo, Christine Massonnet, Egbert Welker and Anita Lüthi

    Article first published online : 3 SEP 2014, DOI: 10.1113/jphysiol.2014.272757

  11. Intra-ventral tegmental area or intracerebroventricular orexin-A increases the intra-cranial self-stimulation threshold via activation of the corticotropin-releasing factor system in rats

    European Journal of Neuroscience

    Volume 34, Issue 5, September 2011, Pages: 816–826, Toshimichi Hata, Jihuan Chen, Kosuke Ebihara, Yukari Date, Yasushi Ishida and Daiichiro Nakahara

    Article first published online : 16 AUG 2011, DOI: 10.1111/j.1460-9568.2011.07808.x

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    Endoplasmic reticulum stress in wake-active neurons progresses with aging

    Aging Cell

    Volume 10, Issue 4, August 2011, Pages: 640–649, Nirinjini Naidoo, Jingxu Zhu, Yan Zhu, Polina Fenik, Jie Lian, Ray Galante and Sigrid Veasey

    Article first published online : 12 APR 2011, DOI: 10.1111/j.1474-9726.2011.00699.x

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    Orexin neurons are indispensable for prostaglandin E2-induced fever and defence against environmental cooling in mice

    The Journal of Physiology

    Volume 591, Issue 22, November 2013, Pages: 5623–5643, Yoshiko Takahashi, Wei Zhang, Kohei Sameshima, Chiharu Kuroki, Ami Matsumoto, Jinko Sunanaga, Yu Kono, Takeshi Sakurai, Yuichi Kanmura and Tomoyuki Kuwaki

    Article first published online : 19 SEP 2013, DOI: 10.1113/jphysiol.2013.261271

  14. Spontaneously hypertensive rats have more orexin neurons in the hypothalamus and enhanced orexinergic input and orexin 2 receptor-associated nitric oxide signalling in the rostral ventrolateral medulla

    Experimental Physiology

    Yen-Hsien Lee, Min-Chien Tsai, Tzu-Ling Li, Yu-Wen E. Dai, Shang-Cheng Huang and Ling-Ling Hwang

    Article first published online : 27 JUL 2015, DOI: 10.1113/EP085016

  15. Regulation of Breathing and Autonomic Outflows by Chemoreceptors

    Standard Article

    Comprehensive Physiology

    Patrice G. Guyenet

    Published Online : 30 SEP 2014, DOI: 10.1002/cphy.c140004

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    Brain orexin promotes obesity resistance

    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

    Volume 1264, Issue 1, August 2012, Pages: 72–86, Catherine Kotz, Joshua Nixon, Tammy Butterick, Claudio Perez-Leighton, Jennifer Teske and Charles Billington

    Article first published online : 17 JUL 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1749-6632.2012.06585.x

  17. Demonstration of an orexinergic central innervation of the pineal gland of the pig

    Journal of Comparative Neurology

    Volume 471, Issue 2, 29 March 2004, Pages: 113–127, Chiara Fabris, Bruno Cozzi, Anders Hay-Schmidt, Bjarke Naver and Morten Møller

    Article first published online : 20 FEB 2004, DOI: 10.1002/cne.20007

  18. Light- and dark-dependent orexinergic neuronal signals promote neurodegenerative phenomena accounting for distinct behavioral responses in the teleost Thalassoma pavo

    Journal of Neuroscience Research

    Volume 87, Issue 3, 15 February 2009, Pages: 748–757, Rosa Maria Facciolo, Michele Crudo, Giuseppina Giusi, Raffaella Alò and Marcello Canonaco

    Article first published online : 24 SEP 2008, DOI: 10.1002/jnr.21886

  19. Role of brain orexin in the pathophysiology of functional gastrointestinal disorders

    Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

    Volume 26, Issue s3, April 2011, Pages: 61–66, Toshikatsu Okumura and Tsukasa Nozu

    Article first published online : 28 MAR 2011, DOI: 10.1111/j.1440-1746.2011.06626.x

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    Blockade of central orexin 2 receptors reduces arterial pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats

    Experimental Physiology

    Volume 98, Issue 7, July 2013, Pages: 1145–1155, Yen-Hsien Lee, Yu-Wen E. Dai, Shang-Cheng Huang, Tzu-Ling Li and Ling-Ling Hwang

    Article first published online : 23 APR 2013, DOI: 10.1113/expphysiol.2013.072298