Statistics for Microarrays: Design, Analysis and Inference

Statistics for Microarrays: Design, Analysis and Inference

Author(s): Ernst Wit, John McClure

Published Online: 8 SEP 2004

Print ISBN: 9780470849934

Online ISBN: 9780470011089

DOI: 10.1002/0470011084

About this Book

Interest in microarrays has increased considerably in the last ten years. This increase in the use of microarray technology has led to the need for good standards of microarray experimental notation, data representation, and the introduction of standard experimental controls, as well as standard data normalization and analysis techniques. Statistics for Microarrays: Design, Analysis and Inference is the first book that presents a coherent and systematic overview of statistical methods in all stages in the process of analysing microarray data - from getting good data to obtaining meaningful results.

  • Provides an overview of statistics for microarrays, including experimental design, data preparation, image analysis, normalization, quality control, and statistical inference.
  • Features many examples throughout using real data from microarray experiments.
  • Computational techniques are integrated into the text.
  • Takes a very practical approach, suitable for statistically-minded biologists.
  • Supported by a Website featuring colour images, software, and data sets.

Primarily aimed at statistically-minded biologists, bioinformaticians, biostatisticians, and computer scientists working with microarray data, the book is also suitable for postgraduate students of bioinformatics.

Table of contents