Textbook of Bone Metastases

Textbook of Bone Metastases

Editor(s): Claude Jasmin, Robert E. Coleman, Lawrence R. Coia, Rodolfo Capanna, Gérard Saillant

Published Online: 3 JAN 2006

Print ISBN: 9780471877424

Online ISBN: 9780470011614

DOI: 10.1002/0470011610

About this Book

The epidemiological and clinical importance of bone metastases has long been recognised. For example, the incidence of bone metastases in breast and prostate cancers is 70%, whereas it is only 30 to 40% in metastatic lung cancer. In clinical terms, bone metastases have substantial negative effects on the patient's quality of life.

Bone metastases have generally received insufficient attention because of the difficulty in quantifying them, which has left them outside the scope of therapeutic trials

This textbook is the result of the remarkable progress made in the understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in osteogenesis and osteolysis, and their development for therapeutic purposes. The treatment of malignant hypercalcaemia has also been revolutionised by the use of bisphosphonates.

The Textbook of Bone Metastases presents a broad approach to recent progress in all fields related to bone metastases, ranging from epidemiology to the physiopathology of bone metastases and therapeutics. It provides a better understanding of recent advances and, more importantly, will give clinicians all the information needed to help them in the clinical and therapeutic management of patients with bone metastases.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Biology of Bone Metastases

    1. Chapter 2

      Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein and Bone Metastases (pages 27–39)

      Robert E. Coleman, T. J. Martin, Janine A. Danks and Michael A. Henderson

  2. Part 2: Clinical Features and Assessment

    1. Chapter 7

      Imaging of Spinal Bone Metastases (pages 91–104)

      Robert E. Coleman, R. Guillevin, J. N. Vallée, N. Martin-Duverneuil, D. Lo, F. Lafitte, J. C. Maillard and J. Chiras

    2. Chapter 9

      Surgical Biopsy of Bone Metastases (pages 123–131)

      Robert E. Coleman, Moshe Salai and Israel Dudkiewicz

  3. Part 3: Surgical Treatment

    1. Chapter 11

      Prosthetic Replacement in Long Bone Metastases (pages 147–161)

      Rodolpho Capanna, Bruno Fuchs, Franklin H. Sim and David J. Jacofsky

    2. Chapter 15

      Surgical Techniques for the Treatment of Bone Metastases of the Spine (pages 201–214)

      Rodolpho Capanna, Stefano Boriani, Alessandro Gasbarrini, Stefano Bandiera, Giovanni Barbanti Bròdano, Stefania Paderni and Silvia Terzi

    3. Chapter 16

      Total En Bloc Spondylectomy for Spinal Metastases (pages 215–223)

      Rodolpho Capanna, Norio Kawahara, Katsuro Tomita, Hideki Murakami, Tomoyuki Akamaru, Koshi Nanbu, Yasuhiro Ueda and Mohamed E. Abdel-Wanis

  4. Part 4: Local Treatments

    1. Chapter 18

      Interventional Radiology for Bone Metastases (pages 237–253)

      Lawrence R. Coia, J. Chiras, C. Adem, J. N. Vallée, D. Lo and M. Rose

  5. Part 5: Systemic Treatments

    1. Chapter 20

      Chemotherapy (pages 259–275)

      Claude Jasmin, Marjorie C. Green and Gabriel N. Hortobagyi

    2. Chapter 21

      Endocrine Treatment of Bone Metastases (pages 277–289)

      Claude Jasmin, Sophia Agelaki and Vassilis Georgoulias

    3. Chapter 23

      Radioisotopes and Radioimmunoisotopes (pages 301–312)

      Claude Jasmin, Isabelle Resche, Françoise Bodéré, Caroline Rousseau and Jean-François Chatal

    4. Chapter 24

      Immunotherapy (pages 313–322)

      Claude Jasmin, T. A. Plunkett and D. W. Miles

  6. Part 6: Bisphosphonates

    1. Chapter 28

      Treatment of Lytic Bone Metastases (pages 361–368)

      Robert E. Coleman, Karin Gwyn and Richard Theriault

    2. Chapter 32

      Prevention of Bone Loss (pages 399–414)

      Robert E. Coleman, Robert U. Ashford, Eugene V. McCloskey and John A. Kanis

    3. Chapter 33

      Cost Implications of Bisphosphonates (pages 415–426)

      Robert E. Coleman, E. V. McCloskey, J. F. Guest, R. U. Ashford and J. A. Kanis

  7. Part 7: The Global Approach

    1. Chapter 37

      Metabolic Bone Diseases in Childhood Cancer (pages 459–467)

      Claude Jasmin, Vallo Tillman, Helena Davies and Nick Bishop

  8. Part VIII: Bone Metastases in Specific Tumours

    1. Chapter 38

      Breast Cancer (pages 469–482)

      Lawrence R. Coia and William F. Hartsell

    2. Chapter 39

      Prostate Cancer (pages 483–503)

      Lawrence R. Coia, Edward Chow, Malcolm J. Moore, Jackson Wu, Padraig Warde and Carlos A. Perez

    3. Chapter 42

      Lung Cancer (pages 523–531)

      Lawrence R. Coia and Daniel E. Roos

    4. Chapter 43

      Kidney Cancer (pages 533–543)

      Lawrence R. Coia, Uzma Malik and Mohammed Mohiuddin

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