Developments in Speech Synthesis

Developments in Speech Synthesis

Author(s): Mark Tatham, Katherine Morton

Published Online: 11 JAN 2006

Print ISBN: 9780470855386

Online ISBN: 9780470012604

DOI: 10.1002/0470012609

About this Book

With a growing need for understanding the process involved in producing and perceiving spoken language, this timely publication answers these questions in an accessible reference.  Containing material resulting from many years' teaching and research, Speech Synthesis provides a complete account of the theory of speech.  By bringing together the common goals and methods of speech synthesis into a single resource, the book will lead the way towards a comprehensive view of the process involved in human speech. The book includes applications in speech technology and speech synthesis.

It is ideal for intermediate students of linguistics and phonetics who wish to proceed further, as well as researchers and engineers in telecommunications working in speech technology and speech synthesis who need a comprehensive overview of the field and who wish to gain an understanding of the objectives and achievements of the study of speech production and perception. 

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Current Work

  2. Part II: A New Direction for Speech Synthesis

  3. Part III: High-Level Control

  4. Part IV: Areas for Improvement

  5. Part V: Markup

  6. Part VI: Strengthening the High-Level Model

  7. Part VII: Expanded Static and Dynamic Modelling

  8. Part VIII: The Prosodic Framework, Coding and Intonation

  9. Part IX: Approaches to Natural-Sounding Synthesis

  10. Part X: Concluding Overview

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