Encyclopedia of Statistics in Behavioral Science

Encyclopedia of Statistics in Behavioral Science

Online ISBN: 9780470013199

DOI: 10.1002/0470013192

About this Book

The Encyclopedia of Statistics in Behavioral Science presents accessible, high quality articles that are lively, statistically sound and with many practical examples.  It provides complete coverage of current statistical methods ranging through confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation modeling, random effect/multilevel modeling, generalized linear models, computationally intensive methods such as the bootstrap, and many more.

A comprehensive and accessible reference for all behavioral science research and development, The Encyclopedia of Statistics in Behavioral Science represents an invaluable addition to both the psychological and statistical literature, forming an essential reference work for researchers, educators and students in the fields of applied psychology, sociology, market research, consumer behavior, management science, decision making and human resource management.

The Encyclopedia of Statistics in Behavioral Science encompasses the refined statistical concepts and techniques that are essential to the advancement of psychology and its ever-widening fields of application.

Key features
  • Providing comprehensive accounts drawn from the huge expansion of statistical methodologies in the behavioral sciences, highlighting new techniques and recent developments

  • Up-to-date coverage of developing fields including neuroscience, behavioral genetics, decision science and cognitive science

  • Containing over 600 articles from over 400 authors. Contributions are from eminent psychologists and statisticians world-wide

  • Theoretical methods fully supported by practical examples

  • Extensively cross-referenced to ensure fast and accurate access to authoritative information