Individual Diversity and Psychology in Organizations

Individual Diversity and Psychology in Organizations

Editor(s): Marilyn J. Davidson, Sandra L. Fielden

Published Online: 28 JAN 2005

Print ISBN: 9780471499718

Online ISBN: 9780470013359

DOI: 10.1002/0470013354

Series Editor(s): Peter Herriot

About this Book

Workplace initiatives to manage diversity seek to fully develop the potential of each employee and turn their unique skills into a business advantage. Such fostering of difference enhances team creativity, innovation and problem-solving and is therefore an essential strategy for today's employers.

Individual Diversity and Psychology in Organizations is an indispensable handbook for all those involved in managing diversity. Its academic and practice-oriented perspective is unique as it presents practical strategies and case studies alongside academic reviews, giving the reader a balanced overview of each topic. The team of expert authors examine international issues in diversity, such as:

  • Strategies for managing organizational effectiveness Legal and psychological implications
  • Diversity training and its effectiveness Disability, racial equality, age and gender diversity Affirmative action
  • Recognizing stereotypes and bias
  • Business ethics
  • The Future of diversity

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Strategic Approaches to Diversity

  2. Part II: Legal and Cultural Issues

  3. Part III: Specific Forms of Diversity

    1. Chapter 12

      Managing Racial Equality and Diversity in the UK Construction Industry (pages 209–224)

      Dr Andrew W. Gale, Marilyn J. Davidson, Peter Somerville, Dianne Sodhi, Andy Steele and Sandi Rhys Jones

  4. Part IV: Diversity Training and Its Effectiveness

  5. Part V: Recognizing Stereotypes, Attitudes and Bias

  6. Part VI: The Future—The Management of Diversity beyond the Millennium

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