Sustainable Development in Practice: Case Studies for Engineers and Scientists

Sustainable Development in Practice: Case Studies for Engineers and Scientists

Editor(s): Adisa Azapagic, Slobodan Perdan, Roland Clift

Print ISBN: 9780470856086

Online ISBN: 9780470014202

DOI: 10.1002/0470014202

Author Biography

About the Author

Adisa Azapagic is Professor of Sustainable Engineering. Her research interests and expertise include life cycle modeling and optimization, life cycle assessment, industrial ecology, sustainability indicators, multiple criteria decision analysis and corporate social responsibility. Azapagic is the author of over 130 publications in these areas, including a book on Polymers, the Environment and Sustainable Development also published by Wiley. She is also interested in sustainability education and is a member of the European Federation of Chemical engineering (EFCE) Working Party on Education. She is a UNESCO/TWAIS/ICSU Visiting Scientist at the Instituto Technológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), Mexico City.

Slobodan Perdan is a philosopher with expertise and professional interests in the areas of sustainable development, moral philosophy and sustainability education. He has written on a variety of issues concerning sustainable development, and has taught and researched a wide range of subjects including environmental philosophy, business and engineering ethics, corporate sustainability and social and political theory. Perdan is currently working as a freelance consultant having previously worked at the University of Surrey for several years.

Roland Clift is a Distinguished Professor in Environmental Technology and founding Director of the Centre for Environmental Strategy at the University of Surrey; previously Head of the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Surrey. He is a member of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, of the International Expert Group on application of Life Cycle Assessment to waste management and of the Rolls-Royce Environmental Advisory Board, and a past member of the UK Ecolabelling Board. Clift is a Visiting Professor in Environmental System Analysis at Chalmers University, Göteborg, Sweden. He has recently been awarded the Sir Frank Whittle medal by the Royal Academy of Engineering for his leading role in developing the holistic life cycle assessment of products and its use as a systematic way of incorporating environmental and social issues in engineering decisions.