Online ISBN: 9780470015902

DOI: 10.1002/047001590X

What's New

eLS is updated on a monthly basis, and was most recently updated on 15th May 2017 when 26 new articles were published. Click here for details of the latest additions.

In total, there are now 6645 articles published in eLS online, of which 2819 have at least one update.

eLS (originally known as the Encyclopedia of Life Sciences) was launched online in April 2001 by Nature Publishing Group (NPG). This was followed in 2002 by the 20-volume print edition. At the end of 2004, eLS was acquired from NPG by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Readers can now purchase supplementary volume sets (volumes 21-26 and volumes 27-32) which contain articles on topics not included in the original 20-volume set, or purchase the full 32 volume set. By updating the original print set with these new articles, we ensure that students, researchers and teachers are kept informed of the latest advances across the life sciences in a single body of peer-reviewed, citable, work.