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DOI: 10.1002/047001590X

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  1. Antibodies
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Bioethics & Philosophy
  4. Biomolecular Interactions
  5. Cell Biology
  6. Developmental Biology
  7. Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Methods
  8. Ecology
  9. Enzymes: Structure and Action Mechanism
  10. Evolution & Diversity of Life
  11. Genetics & Disease
    1. Bioinformatics and Genetic Disease
    2. Cancer Genetics
    3. Chromosomal Disorders
    4. Epigenetics and Disease
    5. Forensic Genetics
    6. Gene and Genome Structure and Organisation
    7. Gene Expression Profiling of Genetic Disease
    8. Gene Mapping by Disease Association
    9. Gene Therapy
    10. General Genetics and Disease
    11. Genetic Counseling
      1. Accounting for Genetic Testing: Familial and Professional Perspectives
      2. Bioethics of Genetic Testing
      3. Clinical Genetic Services in the United Kingdom
      4. Clinical Genetics and Genetic Counseling Professionals: Attitudes to Contentious Issues
      5. Codes of Ethics for Genetics Professionals
      6. Confronting Genetic Disease: Psychological Issues
      7. Counselling Issues around Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
      8. Databases in Genetics Clinics
      9. Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing
      10. Disclosing Genetic Information to Family Members: The Role of Empirical Ethics
      11. Down Syndrome: Antenatal Screening Mathematics, Ethics and Its Implementation in the UK
      12. Expectations and Outcomes of Genetics Services
      13. Familial Breast Cancer: Genetic Testing
      14. Fetal Diagnosis
      15. Genetic Carrier Testing
      16. Genetic Counseling Consultations: Uncertainty
      17. Genetic Counseling: Consanguinity
      18. Genetic Counseling: Impact on the Family System
      19. Genetic Counseling: Nondirectiveness
      20. Genetic Counseling: Psychological Models in Research and Practice
      21. Genetic Counselling
      22. Genetic Counselling
      23. Genetic Counselling Communication: A Discourse-Analytical Approach
      24. Genetic Counselling for Muslim Families of Pakistani and Bangladeshi Origin in Britain
      25. Genetic Counselling Profession in Europe
      26. Genetic Counselling Services: Outcomes
      27. Genetic Counselling: Consanguinity and Cultural Expectations
      28. Genetic Counselling: Psychological Issues
      29. Genetic Discrimination
      30. Genetic Information Access, a Legal Perspective: A Duty to Know or a Right Not to Know, and a Duty or Option to Warn?
      31. Genetic Information and the Family in Japan
      32. Genetic Registers
      33. Genetic Risk
      34. Genetic Screening and Testing
      35. Genetics in Contemporary Germany: Regulatory Responses to Genetic Testing Options
      36. Huntington Disease: Predictive Genetic Testing
      37. Incidental Findings in Genetic Research and Genetic Testing
      38. Is There a Role for Genetic Testing in Sports?
      39. Lifestyle Responses to Genetic Susceptibility to Type 2 Diabetes
      40. Management of Incidental Findings in Clinical Genomic Sequencing Studies
      41. Meckel Syndrome and Related Disorders
      42. Molecular Genetics of Hereditary Spastic Paraplegias
      43. Molecular Genetics of Mental Retardation
      44. Molecular Genetics of Susceptibility to Coronary Heart Disease
      45. Neonatal Screening
      46. Nondirectiveness
      47. Ownership of Genetic Material and Information
      48. Population Carrier Screening: Psychological Impact
      49. Predictive Genetic Testing: Emotional and Behavioural Impact
      50. Predictive Genetic Testing: Psychological Impact
      51. Predictive Genetic Testing: The Huntington Disease Model
      52. Preimplantation Diagnosis
      53. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: Ethical Aspects
      54. Prenatal Diagnosis
      55. Presymptomatic Diagnosis
      56. Prospects for Prenatal Gene Therapy
      57. Rett Syndrome
      58. Testing Children for Genetic Carrier Status
      59. Use of Personalized Genomic Information
    12. Genetic Models
    13. Genetics of Intelligence and Cognition
    14. Genomic Disorders
    15. Inter-Individual Variation and Polymorphism
    16. Linkage Analysis
    17. Mitochondrial Diseases
    18. Model Organisms and Human Disease
    19. Molecular Genetics of Common and Complex Disease
    20. Mutational Mechanisms of Genetic Disease
    21. Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics
    22. Proteomic Studies of Genetic Disease
    23. Quantitative Genetics
    24. Specific Genetic Disorders
    25. Statistical Methodology in Genetics
    26. Techniques and Tools in Clinical Genetics
  12. Immunology
  13. Microbiology
  14. Molecular Biology
  15. Neuroscience
  16. Plant Science
  17. Sample Preparation in Structural Biology
  18. Science & Society
  19. Structural Biology
  20. Techniques and Tools in Molecular Biology
  21. Techniques in Cell Biology
  22. Virology