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DOI: 10.1002/047001590X

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  1. Biochemistry
  2. Bioethics & Philosophy
  3. Cell Biology
  4. Developmental Biology
  5. Ecology
  6. Evolution & Diversity of Life
  7. Genetics & Disease
    1. Bioinformatics and Genetic Disease
    2. Cancer Genetics
    3. Chromosomal Disorders
    4. Epigenetics and Disease
    5. Forensic Genetics
    6. Gene and Genome Structure and Organisation
    7. Gene Expression Profiling of Genetic Disease
    8. Gene Mapping by Disease Association
    9. Gene Therapy
    10. General Genetics and Disease
      1. Ageing – Future Directions for Research in the Biology of Ageing
      2. Ageing as a Global Challenge in the New Millennium
      3. Allele Spectrum of Human Genetic Disease
      4. Art and Genetics
      5. Autonomy and Responsibility in Reproductive Genetics
      6. Autosomal Recessive Traits and Diseases
      7. Behaviour: Role of Genes
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        Biobanking: Social, Political and Ethical Aspects
      9. Children in Genetic Research
      10. China: The Maternal and Infant Health Care Law
      11. Citizens' Jury on Genetic Testing for Common Disorders
      12. Complex Multifactorial Genetic Diseases
      13. Criminal Responsibility and Genetics
      14. Darwinian Medicine
      15. Deconstructing Gene Function through ENU Mutagenesis
      16. Disability, Human Rights and Contemporary Genetics
      17. Discrimination in Insurance: Experience in the United States
      18. Distributive Justice and Genetics
      19. Dolly and Polly
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        Dominance and Recessivity
      21. Dominant Traits and Diseases
      22. Eugenics: Contemporary Echoes
      23. Gene as a Cultural Icon
      24. Gene Therapy
      25. Gene Therapy: Technology
      26. Genetic Counseling: Consanguinity
      27. Genetic Disorders
      28. Genetic Disorders in History and Prehistory
      29. Genetic Education of Primary Care Health Professionals in Britain
      30. Genetic Enhancement: The Role of Parents
      31. Genetic Factors in Life Insurance: Actuarial Basis
      32. Genetic Futures and the Media
      33. Genetic Harm
      34. Genetic Information and the Family in Japan
      35. Genetic Risk: Social Construction
      36. Genetic Screening for Susceptibility to Disease
      37. Genetic Screening Programmes
      38. Genetic Services: Access
      39. Geneticisation: Concept
      40. Geneticization: Debates and Controversies
      41. Genetics and the Control of Human Reproduction
      42. Genetics, Reductionism and Autopoiesis
      43. Haplotype Sharing Methods
      44. Heredity: Lay Understanding
      45. History of Classical Genetics
      46. Human Cloning
      47. Human Genetics: Principles
      48. In Vitro Fertilization
      49. Insurance and Genetic Information
      50. Insurance and Human Genetics: Approaches to Regulation
      51. Insurance Discrimination in the UK – Life Insurance and Genetic Risk
      52. Interests of the Future Child
      53. Ion Channels and Human Disorders
      54. Mammalian Sex Determination
      55. Medical Genetics: History
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        Mendelian Genetic Disorders
      57. Molecular Genetics
      58. Multiple Testing in Genetic Epidemiology
      59. Nazi Scientists
      60. Next Generation Sequencing Technologies and Their Applications
      61. Pathological Mutations in 5′ Untranslated Regions of Human Genes
      62. Pathological Variations in 3′-untranslated Regions of Human Genes
      63. Privacy and Genetic Information
      64. Public and Professional Understandings of Genetics
      65. Public Understanding of Genetics: The Deficit Model
      66. Quality of Life: Human Worth Reduced to Measures of Ability
      67. Reprogenetics: Visions of the Future
      68. Sexual Orientation: Genetics
      69. Whole Genome Resequencing and 1000 Genomes Project
    11. Genetic Counseling
    12. Genetic Models
    13. Genetics of Intelligence and Cognition
    14. Genomic Disorders
    15. Inter-Individual Variation and Polymorphism
    16. Linkage Analysis
    17. Mitochondrial Diseases
    18. Model Organisms and Human Disease
    19. Molecular Genetics of Common and Complex Disease
    20. Mutational Mechanisms of Genetic Disease
    21. Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics
    22. Proteomic Studies of Genetic Disease
    23. Quantitative Genetics
    24. Specific Genetic Disorders
    25. Statistical Methodology in Genetics
    26. Techniques and Tools in Clinical Genetics
  8. Immunology
  9. Microbiology
  10. Molecular Biology
  11. Neuroscience
  12. Plant Science
  13. Science & Society
  14. Structural Biology
  15. Virology