Handbook of Statistical Genetics

Handbook of Statistical Genetics

Online ISBN: 9780470022627

DOI: 10.1002/0470022620

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With the Human Genome Project (HGP), science is fast approaching an exciting new stage in its ability to understand genetic forces in human beings. In addition to the HGP, there are major sequencing efforts in other organisms, enabling us to understand broader questions in evolution and classification. This explosion of data has led to an increased need for sophisticated statistical, mathematical, and computational tools to enable complex data collection, analysis, and interpretation of the results. This online edition of the well-received best-seller contains nine additional articles, including one on developments in gene-expression data analysis. Existing articles have been updated, where necessary, along with all references.

The Handbook of Statistical Genetics Online provides comprehensive coverage of this thriving area of research, in a dynamic online format. An important reference that contributes to developing methods for exploiting the new data explosion sparked by the Human Genome Project, the Handbook is an invaluable resource for statisticians interested in genetic applications and geneticists seeking a deeper knowledge of statistical methods in their field.

About The Handbook of Statistical Genetics Online

Comprising 36 comprehensive articles written and edited by leading international experts in the field, each article is complemented by examples, case studies, and dynamic linking to useful resources on the Internet.

Extensive cross-referenced linking within the Handbook makes navigating information faster and more productive, while dynamic CrossRef linking allows for direct access to subscribed primary cited materials.