The Cancer Handbook

The Cancer Handbook

Online ISBN: 9780470025079

DOI: 10.1002/0470025077

About this Book

Welcome to the home of the online edition of The Cancer Handbook which provides a comprehensive overview of all major areas of cancer research and oncology. This title differs from existing oncology textbooks and reference works in that it bridges the gap between the molecular biology of cancer and clinical diagnosis and treatment.

As more and more laboratory research is applied to clinical management, e.g. the use of monoclonal antibodies as drugs, it is important that clinicians understand the aetiology of the disease and the molecular basis of the new therapeutic approaches.

It is also essential for laboratory scientists to appreciate the potential applications of their research and the practical issues involved in translating it to clinical practice. For this second edition, all the sections (bar Imaging) have been fully revised and updated, with new chapters addressing important topics that have gained prominence in recent years.

Key features of The Cancer Handbook Online include:

  1. -High-quality diagrams
  2. -Summarizes and explains key facts and recent developments
  3. -Up-to-date data summaries of current research in oncology
  4. -Additional editors and authors bring further expertise to the book