Understanding UMTS Radio Network Modelling, Planning and Automated Optimisation: Theory and Practice

Understanding UMTS Radio Network Modelling, Planning and Automated Optimisation: Theory and Practice

Editor(s): Maciej J. Nawrocki, Mischa Dohler, A. Hamid Aghvami

Published Online: 19 JUN 2006

Print ISBN: 9780470015674

Online ISBN: 9780470030561

DOI: 10.1002/0470030569

About this Book

This book sets out to provide the theoretical foundations that will enable radio network planners to plan model and optimize radio networks using state-of-the-art findings from around the globe. It adopts a logical approach, beginning with the background to the present status of UMTS radio network technology, before devoting equal coverage to planning, modelling and optimization issues. All key planning areas are covered, including the technical and legal implications of network infrastructure sharing, hierarchical cell structure (HCS) deployment, ultra-high-site deployment and the benefits and limitations of using computer-aided design (CAD) software. Theoretical models for UMTS technology are explained as generic system models, stand-alone services and mixed services. Business modelling theory and methods are put forward, taking in propagation calculations, link-level, UMTS static and UMTS dynamic simulations. The challenges and goals of the automated optimization process are explored in depth using cutting-edge cost function and optimization algorithms. This theory-based resource containing prolific illustrative case studies explains the reasons for UMTS radio networks performance issues and how to use this foundational knowledge to model, plan and optimize present and future systems. 

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Introduction

    1. Chapter 3

      Spectrum and Service Aspects (pages 37–53)

      Maciej J. Grzybkowski, Ziemowit Neyman and Marcin Ney

    2. Chapter 4

      Trends for the Near Future (pages 55–66)

      Maciej J. Nawrocki, Mischa Dohler and A. Hamid Aghvami

  2. Part II: Modelling

    1. Chapter 5

      Propagation Modelling (pages 67–113)

      Kamil Staniec, Maciej J. Grzybkowski and Karsten Erlebach

    2. Chapter 6

      Theoretical Models for UMTS Radio Networks (pages 115–175)

      Dr. Hans-Florian Geerdes, Andreas Eisenblätter, Piotr M. Słobodzian, Mikio Iwamura, Mischa Dohler, Rafał Zdunek, Peter Gould and Maciej J. Nawrocki

  3. Part III: Planning

  4. Part IV: Optimisation

    1. Chapter 14

      Theory of Automated Network Optimisation (pages 333–377)

      Dr. Alexander Gerdenitsch, Andreas Eisenblätter, Hans-Florian Geerdes, Roni Abiri, Michael Livschitz, Ziemowit Neyman and Maciej J. Nawrocki

    2. Chapter 15

      Automatic Network Design (pages 379–403)

      Roni Abiri, Ziemowit Neyman, Andreas Eisenblätter and Hans-Florian Geerdes

    3. Chapter 16

      Auto-tuning of RRM Parameters in UMTS Networks (pages 405–426)

      Dr Zwi Altman, Hervé Dubreil, Ridha Nasri, Ouassim Ben Amor, Jean-Marc Picard, Vincent Diascorn and Maurice Clerc

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