Cell Biology Protocols

Cell Biology Protocols

Editor(s): J. Robin Harris, John Graham, David Rickwood

Published Online: 3 JUL 2006

Print ISBN: 9780470847589

Online ISBN: 9780470033487

DOI: 10.1002/0470033487

About this Book

As a modern composite scientific discipline, Cell Biology has expanded and moved forward rapidly in recent years. Cell Biologists now require a wide range of techniques, including those of analytical biochemistry and microscopy in all its diverse forms. These are often used alongside the techniques of molecular biology and molecular genetics. This book contains numerous useful protocols, covering light and electron microscopy, cell culture, cell separation, subcellular fractionation, organelle and membrane isolation, and the use of in vitro reassembly systems in Cell Biology. Many of these protocols feature helpful notes and safety information for practical application. The format favours easy use at the bench with space for notes and important safety information. An appendix contains essential analytical information that will prove invaluable to those working on all aspects of cell biology.

This book will be of interest to students and more experienced cell biologists, as well as molecular biologists and those working in genomics and proteomics who are looking for cellular techniques to validate their findings within intact cells.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 2

      Basic Electron Microscopy (pages 21–50)

      J. Robin Harris, Jeffrey A. Nickerson and Jean Underwood

    3. Chapter 6

      In Vitro Techniques (pages 201–378)

      J. Robin Harris, Geneviève Almouzni, Doris Kirschner, Daniela Dimitrova, Jeffrey A. Nickerson, Jean Underwood, Stefan Wagner, Barbara Korbei, Roland Foisner, Tobias C. Walther, Martin Hetzer, Reiner Peters, Ivan Walev, Anton I. P. M. de Kroon, Rutger W. H. M. Staffhorst, Ben de Kruijff, Koert N. J. Burger, Luis Eduardo Soares Netto, Eric Bertrand, Judie B. Alimonti, Arnold H. Greenberg, Jinnan Xiao, Anuradha Pradhan, Yuechueng Liu, Jacques Paiement, Robin Young, Félix M. Goñi, Ana-Victoria Villar, F.-Xabier Contreras, Alicia Alonso, Brian J. Peter, Ian G. Mills, Matthew K. Higgins, William J. Brown, K. Chambers, A. Doody, C. Yan Cheng, Dolores D. Mruk, Chunhong Yang, Helmut Kirchhoff, Winfried Haase, Stephanie Boggasch, Harald Paulsen, Julie Benesova, Sven-T. Liffers, Matthias Rögner, Ya-sheng Gao, Elizabeth Sztul, Meinolf Thiemann, H. Dariush Fahimi, Robert Gniadecki, Barbara Gajkowska, Susan L. Bane, John F. Hess, John C. Voss, Paul G. Fitzgerald, Shin-ichi Hisanaga, Takahiro Sasaki, Kenji Uéda, Terrence Town, Jun Tan, Nathaniel G. N. Milton, Richard Chi, Thomas C. S. Keller, Marina Kriajevska, Igor Bronstein, Eugene Lukanidin, David F. Holmes and Karl E. Kadler

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