Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics, Third Edition

Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics, Third Edition

Editor(s): Gavriel Salvendy

Published Online: 28 FEB 2006

Print ISBN: 9780471449171

Online ISBN: 9780470048207

DOI: 10.1002/0470048204

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The completely revised edition of the leading reference on human factors and ergonomics

The field of human factors and ergonomics has developed and broadened considerably since its inception more than sixty years ago, and no single book has done more to help proliferate its importance than the Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics.

Winner of the Institute of Industrial Engineers Joint Publishers Book-of-the-Year Award, this thoroughly revised Third Edition of Gavriel Salvendy's seminal work compiles the research of 109 of the world's top thinkers and practitioners in one volume. All new chapters feature theoretically based and practically oriented material-supported by numerous case studies, examples, figures, and tables-to be useful to both practitioners and researchers.

A value-packed read for all human factors and ergonomics specialists, engineers, industrial hygienists, safety engineers, and human-computer interaction (HCI) specialists, this Third Edition covers such new topics as:
* Cultural ergonomics
* Virtual environments
* Human factors and information security
* Usability evaluation and testing
* Design of e-business Web sites
* Augmented cognition in HCI
* Design for those with disabilities
* Design for children
* Human factors and ergonomics standards
* Human factors and ergonomics in transportation
* And much more!

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: The Human Factors Function

  2. Part 2: The Human Factors Fundamentals

    1. Chapter 5

      Information Processing (pages 111–149)

      Christopher D. Wickens and C. Melody Carswell

    2. Chapter 7

      Cultural Ergonomics (pages 177–190)

      Nuray Aykin, Pia Honold Quaet-Faslem and Allen E. Milewski

    3. Chapter 11

      Human Factors and Ergonomic Methods (pages 292–321)

      V. Kathlene Leonard, Julie A. Jacko, Ji Soo Yi and François Sainfort

    4. Chapter 12

      Anthropometry (pages 322–339)

      Kathleen M. Robinette and Jeffrey A. Hudson

  3. Part 3: Design of Tasks and Jobs

    1. Chapter 15

      Task Design and Motivation (pages 384–427)

      Holger Luczak, Tanja Kabel and Torsten Licht

    2. Chapter 16

      Job and Team Design (pages 428–457)

      Frederick P. Morgeson, Gina J. Medsker and Michael A. Campion

    3. Chapter 18

      Design, Delivery, and Evaluation of Training Systems (pages 472–512)

      Eduardo Salas, Katherine A. Wilson, Heather A. Priest and Joseph W. Guthrie

  4. Part 4: Equipment, Workplace, and Environmental Design

    1. Chapter 22

      Workplace Design (pages 573–589)

      Nicolas Marmaras and Dimitris Nathanael

  5. Part 5: Design for Health, Safety, and Comfort

    1. Chapter 28

      Ergonomics of Work Systems (pages 761–800)

      Stephen M. Popkin, Heidi D. Howarth and Donald I. Tepas

    2. Chapter 35

      Chemical, Dust, Biological, and Electromagnetic Radiation Hazards (pages 945–964)

      Danuta Koradecka, Małgorzata Pośniak, Elżbieta Jankowska, Jolanta Skowroń and Jolanta Karpowicz

  6. Part 6: Performance Modeling

  7. Part 7: Evaluation

    1. Chapter 44

      Methods of Evaluating Outcomes (pages 1150–1187)

      Paula J. Edwards, François Sainfort, Thitima Kongnakorn and Julie A. Jacko

  8. Part 8: Human–Computer Interaction

    1. Chapter 45

      Visual Displays (pages 1189–1221)

      Kevin B. Bennett, Allen L. Nagy and John M. Flach

    2. Chapter 52

      Augmented Cognition in Human–System Interaction (pages 1364–1383)

      Dylan Schmorrow, Kay M. Stanney, Glenn Wilson and Peter Young

  9. Part 9: Design for Individual Differences

    1. Chapter 54

      Design for Aging (pages 1418–1445)

      Timothy A. Nichols, Wendy A. Rogers and Arthur D. Fisk

  10. Part 10: Selected Applications in Human Factors and Ergonomics

    1. Chapter 57

      Human Factors and Ergonomics Standards (pages 1485–1516)

      Bohdana Sherehiy, Waldemar Karwowski and David Rodrick

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