Advanced ESR Methods in Polymer Research

Advanced ESR Methods in Polymer Research

Editor(s): Shulamith Schlick

Published Online: 10 APR 2006

Print ISBN: 9780471731894

Online ISBN: 9780470053508

DOI: 10.1002/047005350X

About this Book

A definitive work on ESR and polymer science by today's leading authorities

The past twenty years have seen extraordinary advances in electron spin resonance (ESR) techniques, particularly as they apply to polymeric materials. With contributions from over a dozen of the world's top polymer scientists, Advanced ESR Methods in Polymer Research is the first book to bring together all the current trends in this exciting field into one comprehensive reference.

Part I establishes the fundamentals of ESR, from experimental techniques to data analysis, and serves as a valuable overview for the beginning ESR student. Part II introduces the broad range of ESR applications to polymeric systems, including living radical polymerization, block copoly-mers, polymer solutions, ion-containing polymers, polymer lattices, membranes in fuel cells, degradation, polymer coatings, dendrimers, and conductive polymers. By exposing readers to the great potential of ESR, the authors hope to encourage more extensive application of these methods.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: ESR Fundamentals

  2. Part II: ESR Applications

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