Handbook of Neural Engineering

Handbook of Neural Engineering

Editor(s): Metin Akay

Published Online: 10 APR 2006

Print ISBN: 9780470056691

Online ISBN: 9780470068298

DOI: 10.1002/0470068299

About this Book

An important new work establishing a foundation for future developments in neural engineering

The Handbook of Neural Engineering provides theoretical foundations in computational neural science and engineering and current applications in wearable and implantable neural sensors/probes. Inside, leading experts from diverse disciplinary groups representing academia, industry, and private and government organizations present peer-reviewed contributions on the brain-computer interface, nano-neural engineering, neural prostheses, imaging the brain, neural signal processing, the brain, and neurons.

The Handbook of Neural Engineering covers:

  • Neural signal and image processing--the analysis and modeling of neural activity and EEG-related activities using the nonlinear and nonstationary analysis methods, including the chaos, fractal, and time-frequency and time-scale analysis methods--and how to measure functional, physiological, and metabolic activities in the human brain using current and emerging medical imaging technologies
  • Neuro-nanotechnology, artificial implants, and neural prosthesis--the design of multi-electrode arrays to study how the neurons of human and animals encode stimuli, the evaluation of functional changes in neural networks after stroke and spinal cord injuries, and improvements in therapeutic applications using neural prostheses
  • Neurorobotics and neural rehabilitation engineering--the recent developments in the areas of biorobotic system, biosonar head, limb kinematics, and robot-assisted activity to improve the treatment of elderly subjects at the hospital and home, as well as the interactions of the neuron chip, neural information processing, perception and neural dynamics, learning memory and behavior, biological neural networks, and neural control

Table of contents

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    3. Chapter 13

      Exploring Semantic Memory Areas by Functional MRI (pages 211–224)

      G. Rizzo, P. Vitali, G. Baselli, M. Tettamanti, P. Scifo, S. Cerutti, D. Perani and F. Fazio

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    5. Chapter 16

      Reconfigurable Retina-Like Preprocessing Platform for Cortical Visual Neuroprostheses (pages 267–279)

      Samuel Romero, Francisco J. Pelayo, Christian A. Morillas, Antonio Martínez and Eduardo Fernández

    6. Chapter 18

      Retinal Image and Phosphene Image: An Analogy (pages 297–307)

      Luke E. Hallum, Spencer C. Chen, Gregg J. Suaning and Nigel H. Lovell

    7. Chapter 19

      Brain-Implantable Biomimetic Electronics as Neural Prostheses to Restore Lost Cognitive Function (pages 309–336)

      Theodore W. Berger, Ashish Ahuja, Spiros H. Courellis, Gopal Erinjippurath, Ghassan Gholmieh, John J. Granacki, Min Chi Hsaio, Jeff LaCoss, Vasilis Z. Marmarelis, Patrick Nasiatka, Vijay Srinivasan, Dong Song, Armand R. Tanguay and Jack Wills

    8. Chapter 20

      Advances in Retinal Neuroprosthetics (pages 337–356)

      Nigel H. Lovell, Luke E. Hallum, Spencer C. Chen, Socrates Dokos, Philip Byrnes-Preston, Rylie Green, Laura Poole-Warren, Torsten Lehmann and Gregg J. Suaning

    9. Chapter 24

      Practical Considerations in Retinal Neuroprosthesis Design (pages 401–418)

      Gregg J. Suaning, Luke E. Hallum, Spencer Chen, Philip Preston, Socrates Dokos and Nigel H. Lovell

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    11. Chapter 33

      Recent Advances in Composite AEP/EEG Indices for Estimating Hypnotic Depth during General Anesthesia (pages 535–553)

      Erik Weber Jensen, Pablo Martinez, Hector Litvan, Hugo Vereecke, Bernardo Rodriguez and Michel M. R. F. Struys

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