Multimedia Storage and Retrieval: An Algorithmic Approach

Multimedia Storage and Retrieval: An Algorithmic Approach

Author(s): Jan Korst, Verus Pronk

Published Online: 21 FEB 2006

Print ISBN: 9780470091036

Online ISBN: 9780470091050

DOI: 10.1002/0470091053

About this Book

The success of multimedia information systems to adequately meet the needs of accessing and presenting audio/video information from a large multimedia server depends heavily on the proper use of storage and retrieval algorithms suitable for this task.

Multimedia Storage and Retrieval describes various algorithms from simple to sophisticated: from single user to multiple users, from constant-bit-rate to variable-bit-rate streams, and from single disk to multiple disks. This book emphasizes storage and retrieval of video data using magnetic disk systems and its elementary, mathematical approach concentrates on the fundamental algorithms.

  • Provides those new to the subject with the basic principles of the design and analysis of video-on-demand systems and guides the reader towards a thorough understanding of the field.
  • Comprehensively covers disk scheduling algorithms, including round robin, double and triple buffering, grouped sweeping, and dual sweep.
  • Extensively treats storage strategies, including contiguous and segmented storage, track pairing, striping, and random redundant storage.
  • Concludes with further optimizations in the area of video transmission, covering bit-rate smoothing and near video-on-demand strategies.

Table of contents