Nuclear Organization in Development and Disease: Novartis Foundation Symposium 264

Nuclear Organization in Development and Disease: Novartis Foundation Symposium 264

Editor(s): Derek J. Chadwick, Jamie Goode

Published Online: 7 OCT 2008

Print ISBN: 9780470093733

Online ISBN: 9780470093764

DOI: 10.1002/0470093765

Series Editor(s): Novartis Foundation

About this Book

This book draws together contributions from cell and developmental biologists, structural biologists, geneticists and clinical scientists aimed at a better understanding of the cellular and molecular basis of these diseases. Topics include:

  • How nuclear structure and location within a nucleus affect gene expression
  • Chromatin organization and cell differentiation
  • The nature of the interactions between the nuclear envelope and the cytoskeleton
  • The extent to which the cytoskeleton mediates communication between the cell membrane and nucleus in regulating gene expression and whether disruption of such communication might underlie the disease processes

It is hoped that a better understanding of the mechanisms leading to disease pathogenesis may ultimately lead to more rational and appropriate treatments.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 3

      Aspects of Nuclear Envelope Dynamics in Mitotic Cells (pages 22–34)

      Brian Burke, Catherine Shanahan, Davide Salina and Melissa Crisp

    3. Chapter 5

      Nuclear Membrane Protein Emerin: Roles in Gene Regulation, Actin Dynamics and Human Disease (pages 51–62)

      Katherine L. Wilson, James M. Holaska, Rocio Montes de Oca, Kathryn Tifft, Michael Zastrow, Miriam Segura-Totten, Malini Mansharamani and Luiza Bengtsson

    4. Chapter 7

      Genetics of Laminopathies (pages 81–97)

      Rabah Ben Yaou, Antoine Muchir, Takuro Arimura, Catherine Massart, Laurence Demay, Pascale Richard and Gisèle Bonne

    5. Chapter 9

      Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle Defects in a Murine Model of Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy (pages 118–139)

      M. J. Grattan, C. Kondo, J. Thurston, P. Alakija, B.J. Burke, C. Stewart, D. Syme and W. R. Giles

    6. Chapter 17

      Mutations in the Mouse LMNA Gene Causing Progeria, Muscular Dystrophy and Cardiomyopathy (pages 246–263)

      Serguei Kozlov, Leslie Mounkes, Dedra Cutler, Terry Sullivan, Lidia Hernandez, Nicolas Levy, Jeff Rottman and Colin L. Stewart

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