Quantitative Environmental Risk Analysis for Human Health

Quantitative Environmental Risk Analysis for Human Health

Author(s): Robert A. Fjeld, Norman A. Eisenberg, Keith L. Compton

Print ISBN: 9780471722434

Online ISBN: 9780470096208

DOI: 10.1002/0470096209

Author Biography

About the Author

ROBERT A. FJELD, PhD, is the Dempsey Professor of Waste Management, Department of Environmental Engineering and Science, at Clemson University. He was among the first to develop curriculum covering quantitative human health risk assessment for both chemical and radiological contaminants.

NORMAN A. EISENBERG, PhD, has over thirty years of experience in environmental risk analysis, including work on environmental analysis within the federal government (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Department of Energy) and as a consultant, and teaching graduate environmental courses at the University of Maryland.

KEITH L. COMPTON, PhD, is a systems performance analyst in the Division of Waste Management at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.