Handbook of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Editor(s): Shayne Cox Gad

Published Online: 24 AUG 2006

Print ISBN: 9780471213864

Online ISBN: 9780470117118

DOI: 10.1002/0470117117

About this Book

A practical overview of a full rangeof approaches to discovering, selecting, and producing biotechnology-derived drugs

The Handbook of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology helps pharmaceutical scientists develop biotech drugs through a comprehensive framework that spans the process from discovery, development, and manufacturing through validation and registration. With chapters written by leading practitioners in their specialty areas, this reference:

  • Provides an overview of biotechnology used in the drug development process
  • Covers extensive applications, plus regulations and validation methods
  • Features fifty chapters covering all the major approaches to the challenge of identifying, producing, and formulating new biologically derived therapeutics

With its unparalleled breadth of topics and approaches, this handbook is a core reference for pharmaceutical scientists, including development researchers, toxicologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, cell biologists, immunologists, and formulation chemists. It is also a great resource for quality assurance/assessment/control managers, biotechnology technicians, and others in the biotech industry.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 3.1

      Toxicogenomics (pages 229–251)

      Mary Jane Cunningham and Mrinal Shah

    3. Chapter 6.3

      Pharmacokinetics (pages 757–814)

      Nobuhito Shibata, Yukato Ito and Kanji Takada

    4. Chapter 6.4

      Immunogenicity of Therapeutic Proteins (pages 815–833)

      Suzanne Hermeling, Daan J.A. Crommelin, Huub Schellekens and Wim Jiskoot

    5. Chapter 6.6

      Recombinant Antibodies for Pathogen Detection and Immunotherapy (pages 851–881)

      Nicholas J. Pokorny, Jeanine I. Boulter-Bitzer, J. Chris Hall, Jack T. Trevors and Hung Lee

    6. Chapter 7.4

      Pharmacokinetics of Nucleic-Acid-Based Therapeutics (pages 1061–1086)

      John C. Schmitz, Aleksandra Pandyra, James Koropatnick and Randal. W. Berg

    7. Chapter 11

      Overview of Stem and Artificial Cells (pages 1313–1372)

      Alejandro Soto-Gutierrez, Nalu Navarro-Alvarez, Jorge David Rivas-Carrillo and Naoya Kobayashi

    8. Chapter 12.4

      Biosimilars (pages 1453–1461)

      H. Schellekens, W. Jiskoot and D.J.A. Crommelin

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