Good Clinical Practice: Standard Operating Procedures for Clinical Researchers

Good Clinical Practice: Standard Operating Procedures for Clinical Researchers

Editor(s): Josef Kolman, Paul Meng, Graeme Scott

Published Online: 8 MAY 2002

Print ISBN: 9780471969365

Online ISBN: 9780470842522

DOI: 10.1002/0470842520

About this Book

Good Clinical Practice Standard Operating Procedures for Clinical Researchers Edited by Josef Kolman MPRC - Medical Pharmaceutical Research Center Ltd. Vienna, Austria Paul Meng PMC - Dr Paul Meng Consultant, Vienna, Austria and Graeme Scott Professional Services in Clinical Research, Edinburgh, Scotland There is a growing trend for investigators to adopt a more formal approach to the procedures applied to various stages of clinical trials. Most environments employ some form of standard operating procedures which are designed to be used as 'working tools' within that particular field, e.g. standard operating procedures in hospitals for doctors and nurses. With rigorous standards of good clinical practice being applied to all areas, optimizing the design and use of standard operating procedures is more in demand every day. Topics covered include:
* A brief description of the history and development of clinical research and good clinical practice
* An explanation of what standard operating procedures are and how they work
* A selection of actual standard operating procedures and checklists
This well-constructed and timely work, set out in a logical, sequential order provides the necessary material needed to develop a useful set of investigator standard operating procedures.

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