Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry

Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry

Online ISBN: 9780470845011

DOI: 10.1002/0470845015

Author Guidelines

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Author Guidelines

How to Submit to ECC
  1. Have a look at the Sample Articles and Guidelines .
  2. Write your manuscript in the ECC style. Use MS Word or Latex for the text and ChemDraw for the chemical structures. Apply the ChemDraw Settings to "ACS Document". Illustrations should be submitted in .tif format. Integrate the structures and illustrations into the body of your Word document, but keep all ChemDraw and illustration source files in separate folders.
  3. Send your manuscript plus the source files as an e-mail attachment to the Coordinator:


  4. Peter Schreiner will make initial checks and then pass the manuscript on to the appropriate Section Editor.
  5. If the Coordinator and Editor ask you for corrections, then, please, make the corrections in the text, illustrations and chemical structures and resubmit all material to the same Editor.

For a Sample Manuscript, Article Structure and Guidelines go to Downloads .

Please note: Moving from ECC print to ECC electronic brings some new features. The major changes for the ECC electronic articles are:

  • All articles will have an Abstract and allow the contributors to make Acknowledgments.
  • New format for ChemDraw files: Now contributors should use "ACS Document".
  • New standard citation format for references. This will enable the linking to CrossRef.

Follow the manuscript submission process with the short version of the Guidelines. Download How to Submit to ECC !

Before you start writing your entry, please study carefully the Guidelines. Download Guidelines

In order to make cross references use the Control List. Download Cross references

The Sample Articles give you an idea of the style of the entries. Click on Sample Articles

A short set of instructions helps you to write your article. Download Article Structure

If you are using material from other resources, please obtain permission with this Copyright Permission Request Form !

Referring to ECC

If you want to make a reference to an article published in ECC, use the following style for referencing:

Bartlett, R.J.; Watts, J.D.; ACES II, in Schleyer, P.v.R.; Jorgensen, W.L.; Schaefer III, H.F.; Schreiner, P.R.; Thiel, W.; Glen, R. (eds.), in Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry. DOI 10.1002/0470845015.caa003 (Feb. 04. 2003)

For more information on Digitial Object Identifier click on DOI. You will find the DOI for each article under the header. The date at the end of the reference gives the date of your access to the article.