Biological Psychiatry

Biological Psychiatry

Editor(s): Hugo D'Haenen, J. A. den Boer, P. Willner

Published Online: 26 SEP 2003

Print ISBN: 9780471491989

Online ISBN: 9780470854877

DOI: 10.1002/0470854871

About this Book

Biological psychiatry, sometimes called psychiatric neuroscience, concerns itself with scientific research and clinical observation of psychopathologies. Incredible advances in molecular biology, genomics, pharmacology and neuroscience mean that more is known about the biological basis of behaviour and mental illness than ever before. This translates directly to improved diagnoses and disease management as well as better-targeted therapeutics. In fact, biological psychiatric research focuses on psychopharmacological interventions derived from biochemical hypotheses of mental disorders.

Biological Psychiatry covers basic principles and then delves deeper into various disorders. Structured to follow the organisation of the DSM-IV, psychiatry's primary diagnostic and classification guide, the contributions explore functional neuroanatomy, imaging and neuropsychology and pharmacotherapeutic possibilities for depressive, anxiety and mood disorders, substance abuse and eating disorders, schizophrenia and psychotic disorders, and cognitive and personality disorders.

The world's leading psychiatrists, neurologists, neuroscientists, pharmacologists have contributed to this important work, the most comprehensive ever compiled.

Table of contents

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  1. Part A: Basic Principles - General Issues

    1. Chapter I

      Conceptual Issues (pages 1–24)

      German E. Berrios and Ivana S. Marková

  2. Part A: Basic Principles - Specific Issues

    1. Chapter V

      The Excitatory Amino Acid System (pages 67–84)

      Daniel T. Monaghan, Patrick A. Howson, David E. Jane and Richard J. Bridges

    2. Chapter VII

      Neuroendocrinology (pages 97–110)

      David A. Gutman and Charles B. Nemeroff

    3. Chapter IX

      Psychophysiology (pages 123–138)

      Gary G. Berntson, John T. Cacioppo and Martin Sarter

    4. Chapter XI

      Brain Imaging (pages 155–166)

      Steven Laureys, Philippe Peigneux and Serge Goldman

    5. Chapter XII

      Neurogenetics (pages 167–180)

      Anita Thapar and Michael O'Donovan

  3. Part B: Clinical Syndromes - Cognitive Disorders

    1. Chapter XV.8

      Neuropsychology of Cognitive Disorders (pages 309–334)

      Martin A. Goldstein, Jennifer Woehr and Bruce H. Price

    2. Chapter XV.11

      Neurogenetics of Dementia (pages 361–375)

      Bart Dermaut and Christine Van Broeckhoven

  4. Part B: Clinical Syndromes - Substance-Related Disorders

    1. Chapter XVI.4

      Neuroimmunology (pages 435–466)

      Claudia Spies, Helge Schönfeld, Ulrich Dirnagl, Wolfgang J. Kox and Hans Rommelspacher

    2. Chapter XVI.8

      Neuroimaging and Substance Abuse (pages 523–535)

      R. Hitzemann, N. Volkow, J. Fowler and G.-J. Wang

  5. Part B: Clinical Syndromes - Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders

    1. Chapter XVII.10

      Gene–Environment Interactions in Schizophrenia (pages 673–678)

      Ming T. Tsuang, William S. Stone, Sarah I. Tarbox and Stephen V. Faraone

  6. Part B: Clinical Syndromes - Mood Disorders

    1. Chapter XVIII.12

      Female-Specific Mood Disorders (pages 849–859)

      Meir Steiner, Edward Dunn and Leslie Born

    2. Chapter XVIII.13

      Therapeutic Armamentarium (pages 861–875)

      Robert H. Howland and Michael E. Thase

  7. Part B: Clinical Syndromes - Anxiety Disorders

    1. Chapter XIX.3

      Amino Acid Transmitter Systems (pages 915–927)

      Catherine Belzung, Guy Griebel, Florence Dubois-Carmagnat and Jean Michel Darves-Bornoz

    2. Chapter XIX.4

      Peptidergic Transmitter System and Anxiety Disorders (pages 929–938)

      Michel Bourin, Martine Hascoët, Denis David and Bríd Áine Nic Dhonnchadha

    3. Chapter XIX.13

      Therapeutic Armamentarium in Anxiety Disorders (pages 1039–1062)

      Prof. Dr. J. A. den Boer, B. R. Slaap, G. J. ter Horst, T. I. F. H. Cremers and F. J. Bosker

  8. Part B: Clinical Syndromes - Eating Disorders

    1. Chapter XXIII.5

      Psychophysiology and Eating Disorders (pages 1159–1165)

      Patricia P. Sanchez Gomez, Nicholas A. Troop and Janet L. Treasure

    2. Chapter XXIII.9

      The Genetics of Eating Disorders (pages 1189–1194)

      Kelly L. Klump, Cynthia M. Bulik, Walter H. Kaye and Michael Strober

    3. Chapter XXIII.10

      The Therapeutic Armamentarium in Eating Disorders (pages 1195–1202)

      James E. Mitchell, Scott Crow, Tricia Cook Myers and Steve Wonderlich

  9. Part B: Clinical Syndromes - Sleep Disorders

    1. Chapter XXV

      Psychobiology of Impulse-Control Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (NOS) (pages 1315–1329)

      Stefano Pallanti, Nicoló Baldini Rossi, Jennifer Friedberg and Eric Hollander

  10. Part B: Clinical Syndromes - Personality Disorders

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