MDI and TDI: Safety, Health and the Environment. A Source Book and Practical Guide

MDI and TDI: Safety, Health and the Environment. A Source Book and Practical Guide

Editor(s): Dennis C Allport, David S Gilbert, Susan M Outterside

Published Online: 14 MAY 2003

Print ISBN: 9780471958123

Online ISBN: 9780470865682

DOI: 10.1002/0470865687

About this Book

MDI and TDI are polymer building blocks used in large quantities and have a variety of applications in industry. As their use often involves large numbers of workers they are also subject to stringent health and safety regulations. This book covers all the important topics concerning MDI and TDI and provides comprehensive coverage on the health and environmental science associated with these.

  • First comprehensive discussion of all known health and environmental information relating to MDI and TDI
  • Draws upon the insights of academic, regulatory and industrial experts
  • Written with the knowledge and perspective of the International Isocyanate Institute
  • Highly illustrated volume with colour photogr aphs, spectra, tables and graphs

Addressing their use throughout industry this title presents an essential source of information for occupational physicians, industrial hygiene professionals, polyurethane producers, environmental scientists, chemical analysts and regulators.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 1

      MDI, TDI and the Polyurethane Industry (pages 11–23)

      Dennis C Allport, David S Gilbert and Susan M Outterside

    3. Chapter 2

      Handling MDI and TDI (pages 25–153)

      Dennis C Allport, R C Blake, Claude Bastian, Charles Galavitz, David S Gilbert, Reg Hurd, Brian Reeve, William Robert, Susan M Outterside, Anthony Solinas, Dale Walsh, Udo Walber and Hugh Wolfson

    4. Chapter 3

      Health (pages 155–228)

      Dennis C Allport, Peter Davies, Werner F Diller, John Doe, François E Floc'h, Hans D Hoffmann, Masabaru Katoh, James P Lyon and David I Bernstein

    5. Chapter 4

      The Environment (pages 229–276)

      Robert E Bailey, Arielle Gard, Klaas H den Haan, F Heimbach, Denis Pemberton, Hiroshi Tadokoro, Mineo Takatsuki and Yoshikuni Yakabe

    6. Chapter 5

      Supporting Sciences (pages 277–430)

      Dennis C Allport, Karl S Brenner, John F Chapman, Brian Cope, Venkatram Dharmarajan, David S Gilbert, Paul Maddison, Guy Marlair, Susan M Outterside, Denis Pemberton, Franz H Prager and Bernard Tury

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