PAHs: An Ecotoxicological Perspective

PAHs: An Ecotoxicological Perspective

Editor(s): Peter E. T. Douben

Published Online: 22 MAY 2003

Print ISBN: 9780471560241

Online ISBN: 9780470867136

DOI: 10.1002/0470867132

Series Editor(s): Jason M. Weeks, Sheila O'Hare, Barnett A. Rattner

About this Book

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), or polyarenes, are one of the largest and most structurally diverse class of organic molecules known. High percentages of polyarenes, representing a wide range of molecular sizes and structural types, are present in coal tars and petroleum residues. The major sources of PAHs are crude oil, coal and oil shale. The fuels produced from these fossil sources constitute the primary source of energy for the industrial nations of the world, and the petrochemicals from these raw materials are the basis of the synthetic fibre and plastics industries. PAHs are however, widespread pollutants and their impact on the environment and human health must be monitored and controlled.

This book will review and assess our scientific understanding of the ecological exposure and effects PAHs have in different environments and habitats. It will accomplish this by taking the recipients of the pollution in the environment as starting points and working its way back through pathways to access what is required for our understanding of effects and rationale for control.

Although this book will concentrate on ecological exposure of PAHs, the general impacts of PAHs on human populations will be touched upon. It is thought to be the first book to focus on the ecological aspects of PAHs.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Introduction and Rationale

  2. Part II: General Characteristics of PAHs

  3. Part III: Bioavailability, Exposure and Effects in Environmental Compartments

    1. Chapter 7

      An Overview of the Partitioning and Bioavailability of PAHs in Sediments and Soils (pages 97–126)

      Robert M. Burgess, Michael J. Ahrens, Christopher W. Hickey, Pieter J. den Besten, Dorien ten Hulscher, Bert van Hattum, James P. Meador and Peter E. T. Douben

    2. Chapter 15

      Assessing Risks from Photoactivated Toxicity of PAHs to Aquatic Organisms (pages 275–296)

      Gerald T. Ankley, Lawrence P. Burkhard, Philip M. Cook, Stephen A. Diamond, Russell J. Erickson and David R. Mount

  4. Part IV: Integration of Information on PAHs

    1. Chapter 18

      Managing Risks from PAHs (pages 357–377)

      Graham Whale, Gordon Lethbridge, Vikram Paul and Eric Martin

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