Molecular Biology in Cellular Pathology

Molecular Biology in Cellular Pathology

Editor(s): John Crocker, Paul G. Murray

Published Online: 15 AUG 2003

Print ISBN: 9780470844755

Online ISBN: 9780470867945

DOI: 10.1002/0470867949

About this Book

The latest edition of this highly successful text, covers the major advances in the methods used in cellular and molecular pathology. In recent years, knowledge of the molecular organization of the cell has led to the development of powerful new techniques that bring greater accuracy and objectives to the diagnosis, prognosis and management of many diseases and to the study of pathological states. This book describes the latest molecular techniques available for the analysis of diseases. In particular it includes new techniques using fluorescent dyes, DNA microarrays, protein chemistry, and mass spectrometry. It also incorporates information from the Human Genome Project, and the new disciplines of genomics and proteomics, where relevant to pathology. Color plates are a new feature of this edition, illustrating the advances in fluorescence labeling of cells.

Table of contents

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    3. Chapter 7

      Interphase Nucleolar Organiser Regions in Tumour Pathology (pages 137–152)

      Massimo Derenzini, Davide Treré, Marie-Françoise O'Donohue and Dominique Ploton

    4. Chapter 14

      Comparative Genomic Hybridisation in Pathology (pages 287–305)

      Marjan M. Weiss, Mario A. J. A. Hermsen, Antoine Snijders, Horst Buerger, Werner Boecker, Ernst J. Kuipers, Paul J. van Diest and Gerrit A. Meijer

    5. Chapter 17

      Proteomics (pages 351–370)

      Kathryn Lilley, Azam Razzaq and Michael J. Deery

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