Patty's Toxicology

Patty's Toxicology

Online ISBN: 9780471125471

DOI: 10.1002/0471125474

About this Book

Patty's Toxicology presents a premier reference for toxicological information on a large number of industrial chemicals that pose potential health hazards. The reference presents logical groupings of comprehensive toxicological data for industrial compounds, including CAS numbers, physical and chemical properties, exposure limits, and biological tolerance values for occupational exposures, making it essential for toxicologists and industrial hygienists.

Patty's Toxicology covers:

  • Introduction to the field
  • Metal compounds
  • Organic halogenated hydrocarbons and organic nitrogen compounds
  • Organic halogenated hydricarbons and aliphatic carboxylic acid compounds
  • Ketones, alcohols, and ester compounds
  • Epoxy, glycol ethers, and synthetic polymer compounds
  • Specialized topics in toxicological assessment

CAS numbers, CAS RN and chemical name searches have been updated for all articles within Patty's Toxicology.