Current Protocols in Protein Science

Current Protocols in Protein Science

Online ISBN: 9780471140863

DOI: 10.1002/0471140864

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  1. Bioinformatics
  2. Bioinformatics
  3. Cell Biology
  4. Cell Culture
  5. Chemical Biology
  6. Gene Expression
  7. Genetics and Genomics
  8. Imaging and Microscopy
  9. Immunology
  10. Intermolecular Interactions
  11. Laboratory Organisms and Animal Models
  12. Microbiology
  13. Molecular Biology
  14. Neuroscience
  15. Nucleic Acid Chemistry
  16. Pharmacology and Drug Discovery
  17. Protein Production, Purification, and Analysis
    1. Affinity Purification
    2. Conventional Chromatography
    3. Detection and Assay Methods
    4. Electrophoresis
    5. Extraction, Stabilization, and Concentration
    6. Peptidases and Proteases
    7. Peptides
    8. Production of Recombinant Proteins
    9. Protein Engineering
      1. Combinatorial Recombination of Gene Fragments to Construct a Library of Chimeras
      2. Incorporation of Isotopically Enriched Amino Acids
      3. Introduction to Peptide Synthesis
      4. Site-Specific Protein Labeling via Sortase-Mediated Transpeptidation
      5. Misincorporation Proton-Alkyl Exchange (MPAX): Engineering Cysteine Probes into Proteins
      6. Pulsed EPR Distance Measurements in Soluble Proteins by Site-Directed Spin Labeling (SDSL)
      7. Purification of the Human G Protein−Coupled Receptor Adenosine A2aR in a Stable and Functional Form Expressed in Pichia pastoris
      8. Recombinant Protein Purification by Self-Cleaving Elastin-like Polypeptide Fusion Tag
      9. Site-saturation Mutagenesis: A Powerful Tool for Structure-Based Design of Combinatorial Mutation Libraries
      10. Survey of Protein Engineering Strategies
      11. TimeSTAMP Tagging of Newly Synthesized Proteins
    10. Purification of Recombinant Proteins
  18. Proteomics
  19. RNA
  20. Safety
  21. Structural Analysis of Biomolecules
  22. Supporting Lab Techniques