Current Protocols in Neuroscience

Current Protocols in Neuroscience

Online ISBN: 9780471142300

DOI: 10.1002/0471142301

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  1. Bioinformatics
  2. Cell Biology
    1. Analysis of Proteins
    2. Antibodies as Tools
    3. Apoptosis
    4. Cell and Organelle Motility
    5. Cell Cycle Analysis
    6. Cell Isolation and Culture
      1. Acute Isolation of Neurons from the Mature Mammalian Central Nervous System
      2. Cerebral Cortex Electroporation to Study Projection Neuron Migration
      3. Characterizing Synaptic Vesicle Proteins Using Synaptosomal Fractions and Cultured Hippocampal Neurons
      4. Culture of Postnatal Mesencephalic Dopamine Neurons on an Astrocyte Monolayer
      5. Culture of Mouse Olfactory Sensory Neurons
      6. Culture of Substantia Nigra Neurons
      7. Culturing Embryonic Nasal Explants for Developmental and Physiological Study
      8. Dissection and Culture of Embryonic Spinal Commissural Neurons
      9. Fluorescence-Based Sorting of Neural Stem Cells and Progenitors
      10. Isolation and Generation of Oligodendrocytes by Immunopanning
      11. Isolation and Purification of Primary Oligodendrocyte Precursors
      12. Isolation and Purification of Primary Rodent Astrocytes
      13. Isolation and Purification of Primary Schwann Cells
      14. Long-Term Culture of Hippocampal Neurons
      15. Culturing of Cerebellar Granule Cells to Study Neuronal Migration: Gradient and Local Perfusion Assays
      16. In Vitro Analysis of Mouse Mesencephalic Neural Crest Development
      17. Preparation and Maintenance of Organotypic Cultures for Multi-Electrode Array Recordings
      18. Primary Porcine Brain Microvessel Endothelial Cell Isolation and Culture
      19. A Method for Preparing Primary Retinal Cell Cultures for Evaluating the Neuroprotective and Neuritogenic Effect of Factors on Axotomized Mature CNS Neurons
      20. Purification of Oligodendrocytes and Their Progenitors Using Immunomagnetic Separation and Percoll Gradient Centrifugation
      21. Rodent Sensory Neuron Culture and Analysis
      22. Techniques for Mammalian Cell Tissue Culture
      23. Time-Lapse Imaging of Glial–Axonal Interactions
    7. Extracellular Matrix
    8. Fluorescent Proteins as Probes of Structure and Function
    9. Histology
    10. Imaging and Microscopy
    11. Laboratory Organisms and Animal Models
    12. Manipulating Gene Expression
    13. Microscopy and Imaging
    14. Molecular Biology Techniques
    15. Molecular Interactions
    16. Molecular Trafficking
    17. Signal Transduction
    18. Subcellular Fractionation
    19. Viruses
  3. Cell Culture
  4. Chemical Biology
  5. Cytometry
  6. Gene Expression
  7. Genetics and Genomics
  8. Imaging
  9. Imaging and Microscopy
  10. Imaging/microscopy
  11. Immunology
  12. In Situ Labeling and Detection Methods
  13. Intermolecular Interactions
  14. Laboratory Organisms and Animal Models
  15. Laboratory Organisms/Animal Models Laboratory Organisms/Animal Models
  16. Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  17. Microbiology
  18. Molecular Biology
  19. Mouse Biology
  20. Neuroscience
  21. Neuroscience
  22. Nucleic Acid Chemistry
  23. Oligonucleotides
  24. Pharmacology/Drug Discovery
  25. Protein Production, Purification, and Analysis
  26. Proteomics
  27. RNA
  28. Safety
  29. Stem Cells
  30. Structural Analysis of Biomolecules
  31. Supporting Lab Techniques
  32. Toxicology