Current Protocols in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Current Protocols in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Online ISBN: 9780471142713

DOI: 10.1002/0471142719

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  1. Foreword
  2. Preface
  3. Section A Clinical Protocols
    1. Chapter A1 Intracranial Arterial Disease
      1. UNIT A1.1 Cerebral Infarct/Intracranial Cerebrovascular Disease
      2. UNIT A1.2 Rule Out (R/O) Intracranial Aneurysm
      3. UNIT A1.3 Extracranial Carotid Artery Disease
      4. UNIT A1.4 High-Resolution Multi-Contrast MRI of the Carotid Artery Wall for Evaluation of Atherosclerotic Plaques
      5. UNIT A1.5 Rule Out (R/O) Arteriovenous Malformation
      6. UNIT A1.6 Rule Out (R/O) Vasculitis
      7. UNIT A1.7 Rule Out (R/O) Migraine
    2. Chapter A2 Cerebral Venous Lesions
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT A2.1 Imaging Dural Sinus Thrombosis
      3. UNIT A2.2 Imaging Cavernous Malformations
      4. UNIT A2.3 Imaging Venous Angiomas
    3. Chapter A3 Cerebral Neoplastic Disease
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT A3.1 Metastatic Intra-Axial Neoplasia
      3. UNIT A3.2 Metastatic Extra-Axial Neoplasia
      4. UNIT A3.3 Intra-Axial Primary Brain Tumors
      5. UNIT A3.4 Extra-Axial Tumors
      6. UNIT A3.5 Monitoring Tumor Therapy
    4. Chapter A4 Infectious Diseases of the Brain
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT A4.1 Brain Abscess
      3. UNIT A4.2 Meningitis
      4. UNIT A4.3 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
      5. UNIT A4.4 Traumatic Brain Injury
    5. Chapter A5 Miscellaneous Brain Pathology
      1. UNIT A5.1 Multiple Sclerosis
      2. UNIT A5.2 Pituitary
      3. UNIT A5.3 Dementia
    6. Chapter A6 Clinical Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging fMRI
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT A6.1 Clinical Applications of fMRI
      3. UNIT A6.2 Quality Assurance for Clinical fMRI
      4. UNIT A6.3 Paradigms for Clinical fMRI
      5. UNIT A6.4 Diffusion Tensor Imaging
    7. Chapter A7 Head and Neck
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT A7.1 Cranial Nerve I
      3. UNIT A7.2 Cranial Nerves III to VI
      4. UNIT A7.3 Cranial Nerves VII To VIII
      5. UNIT A7.4 Cranial Nerves IX To XII
      6. UNIT A7.5 The Orbit and Optic Nerves
      7. UNIT A7.6 Imaging of the Paranasal Sinuses
      8. UNIT A7.7 Lymph Node Staging in the Neck
      9. UNIT A7.8 Head and Neck MRA at 3.0T
    8. Chapter A8 Extradural Spine
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT A8.1 Herniated Intervertebral Disc
      3. UNIT A8.2 Spinal Canal Stenosis
      4. UNIT A8.3 Spondylosis Deformans
      5. UNIT A8.4 Spinal Inflammation
      6. UNIT A8.5 Spinal Primary Neoplasia/Metastasis
      7. UNIT A8.6 Spinal Trauma
      8. UNIT A8.7 Extradural Spinal Cord/Cauda Equina Compression
      9. UNIT A8.8 Post Surgical Spinal Evaluation
    9. Chapter A9 Intradural Spine
      1. UNIT A9.1 Intramedullary Spine Disease
    10. Chapter A10 Congenital Heart Disease
      1. UNIT A10.1 Congenital Heart Disease
      2. UNIT A10.2 Assessment of Right Ventricular Dysplasia
    11. Chapter A11 Acquired Heart Disease
      1. UNIT A11.1 Pericardial Disease
      2. UNIT A11.2 Cardiac Masses
      3. UNIT A11.3 Myocardial Perfusion and Viability
      4. UNIT A11.4 Cardiac Function Evaluation with Cine MRI of the Heart
      5. UNIT A11.5 Coronary MRA
    12. Chapter A12 Acquired Aortic Disease
      1. UNIT A12.1 Aortic Dissection
      2. UNIT A12.2 Aortic Aneurysm and Pseudoaneurysm Assessment
    13. Chapter A13 Pulmonary Artery, Mediastinum, Pleura, and Lung
      1. UNIT A13.1 Pulmonary Embolism
      2. UNIT A13.2 Deep Vein Thrombosis Detection
    14. Chapter A14 Chest Wall
      1. UNIT A14.1 Brachial Plexus
    15. Chapter A15 Liver
      1. UNIT A15.1 MRI of the Liver
      2. UNIT A15.2 Hepatic MRI for GE Scanners
    16. Chapter A16 Kidney
      1. UNIT A16.1 MRI of the Kidney
    17. Chapter A17 Adrenal Glands
      1. UNIT A17.1 MRI of the Adrenal Glands
    18. Chapter A18 Pancreas
      1. UNIT A18.1 MRI of the Pancreas
    19. Chapter A19 Male Pelvis
      1. UNIT A19.1 MRI of the Male Pelvis
    20. Chapter A20 Female Pelvis
      1. UNIT A20.1 MRI of the Female Pelvis
      2. UNIT A20.2 Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis and Staging
      3. UNIT A20.3 Pelvic Floor Relaxation
    21. Chapter A21 Breast
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT A21.1 MRI of Breast Lesions
      3. UNIT A21.2 Silicone Breast Implants
    22. Chapter A22 Shoulder
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT A22.1 Rotator Cuff Disease
      3. UNIT A22.2 MR Arthrography of Shoulder
    23. Chapter A23 Knee
      1. UNIT A23.1 MRI of the Acute Injured Knee
      2. UNIT A23.2 MRI of the Post-Operative Meniscus and ACL Graft
    24. Chapter A24 Musculoskeletal Stress Injuries
      1. UNIT A24.1 Bone Stress Injuries
    25. Chapter A25 Ankle and Foot
      1. UNIT A25.1 MR Imaging of the Ankle and Hindfoot
      2. UNIT A25.2 MR Imaging of the Midfoot and Forefoot
    26. Chapter A26 Hip
      1. UNIT A26.1 Abnormalities of the Osseous Structures of the Hip and Peri-Articular Soft Tissues
      2. UNIT A26.2 Hip MR Arthrography for Acetabular Labral Tears
    27. Chapter A27 Elbow
      1. UNIT A27.1 Traumatic and Overuse Injuries of the Elbow
      2. UNIT A27.2 Masses of the Elbow and Forearm
    28. Chapter A28 Magnetic Resonance Angiography
      1. UNIT A28.1 Contrast-Enhanced Renal MRA
    29. Chapter A29 Gastrointestinal Tract
      1. UNIT A29.1 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Gastrointestinal Tract
  4. Section B Basic Concepts
    1. Chapter B1 Spin Behavior
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT B1.1 Magnetic Moment of a Spin, Its Equation of Motion, and Precession
      3. UNIT B1.2 Spin Behavior in the Rotating Reference Frame
      4. UNIT B1.3 Fundamental Properties of Magnetization
    2. Chapter B2 Radiofrequency Excitation and Reception
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT B2.1 Signal Detection
      3. UNIT B2.2 Radiofrequency Excitation
      4. UNIT B2.3 Nulling Signal of a Slice, Slice Select Profile, and Radiofrequency Power
    3. Chapter B3 Basic Spin Properties and the Bloch Equations
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT B3.1 Spin Density, T1, T2, T2* Relaxation and Bloch Equations
    4. Chapter B4 Imaging Concepts
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT B4.1 Spin and Gradient Echoes
      3. UNIT B4.2 One-Dimensional Fourier Imaging and k-Space
    5. Chapter B5 Sequences
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT B5.1 Short-TR, Spoiled, Gradient Echo Imaging
      3. UNIT B5.2 Short-TR, Coherent, Gradient Echo Imaging
    6. Chapter B6 Signal, Noise, and Contrast
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT B6.1 Signal and Noise
      3. UNIT B6.2 Signal-to-Noise Ratio as a Function of Imaging Parameters
      4. UNIT B6.3 Contrast
      5. UNIT B6.4 Contrast Agents
    7. Chapter B7 Motion Artifacts, Motion Compensation, and Magnetic Resonance Angiography
      1. Introduction
      2. UNIT B7.1 Phase Dependence on Motion
      3. UNIT B7.2 Motion Compensation Along All Three Different Directions
      4. UNIT B7.3 Magnetic Resonance Angiography
    8. Chapter B8 Diffusion
      1. UNIT B8.1 Diffusion Tensor MR Imaging
  5. Appendix Appendix
    1. APPENDIX 1 Screening Forms for Patients for MR Procedures and Individuals for the MR Environment
    2. APPENDIX 2 Imaging Parameters Used in the Sequence Tables
    3. APPENDIX 3 MR Safety Guide
    4. APPENDIX Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems and Equipment Suppliers