Current Protocols in Molecular Biology

Current Protocols in Molecular Biology

Online ISBN: 9780471142720

DOI: 10.1002/0471142727

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  1. Bioinformatics
  2. Cell Biology
  3. Cell Culture
  4. Chemical Biology
  5. Cytometry
  6. Gene Expression
  7. Genetics and Genomics
  8. Imaging and Microscopy
  9. Immunology
  10. Intermolecular Interactions
  11. Laboratory Organisms and Animal Models
  12. Microbiology
  13. Microbiology
    1. DNA Viruses
      1. Characterization of Recombinant Vaccinia Viruses and Their Products
      2. E. coli Genome Manipulation by P1 Transduction
      3. Expression and Purification of Recombinant Proteins Using the Baculovirus System
      4. Expression of Proteins Using Semliki Forest Virus Vectors
      5. Expression Using Vectors with Phage λ Regulatory Sequences
      6. Gene Expression Using the Vaccinia Virus/T7 RNA Polymerase Hybrid System
      7. Generation of Recombinant Vaccinia Viruses
      8. Growing Lambda-Derived Vectors
      9. Helper-Dependent Adenoviral Vectors
      10. Introduction to Expression by Fusion Protein Vectors
      11. Introduction to Lambda Phages
      12. Introduction to Vectors Derived from Filamentous Phages
      13. Lambda as a Cloning Vector
      14. Maintenance of Insect Cell Cultures and Generation of Recombinant Baculoviruses
      15. Overview of the Baculovirus Expression System
      16. Overview of the Vaccinia Virus Expression System
      17. Phage-Based Expression Cloning to Identify Interacting Proteins
      18. Plating Lambda Phage to Generate Plaques
      19. Preparation of Cell Cultures and Vaccinia Virus Stocks
      20. Preparing and Using M13-Derived Vectors
      21. Preparing Lambda DNA from Phage Lysates
      22. Production of Recombinant Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors for In Vitro and In Vivo Use
      23. Rapid, Efficient, and Modular Generation of Adenoviral Vectors via Isothermal Assembly
      24. Transient Expression of Proteins Using COS Cells
    2. Environmental Microbiology
    3. Gram Negatives
    4. Gram Positives
    5. Host Organisms and Tissue Cultures
    6. Microbial Communities
    7. Microbial Genetics
    8. RNA Viruses
  14. Molecular Biology
  15. Molecular Biology
  16. Mouse Biology
  17. Nucleic Acid Chemistry
  18. Pharmacology and Drug Discovery
  19. Protein Production, Purification, and Analysis
  20. Proteomics
  21. RNA
  22. Safety
  23. Stem Cells
  24. Structural Analysis of Biomolecules
  25. Supporting Lab Techniques
  26. Toxicology