Current Protocols in Molecular Biology

Current Protocols in Molecular Biology

Online ISBN: 9780471142720

DOI: 10.1002/0471142727

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  1. Bioinformatics
  2. Cell Biology
  3. Cell Culture
  4. Chemical Biology
  5. Cytometry
  6. Gene Expression
  7. Genetics and Genomics
  8. Imaging and Microscopy
  9. Immunology
  10. Intermolecular Interactions
  11. Laboratory Organisms and Animal Models
  12. Microbiology
  13. Microbiology
  14. Molecular Biology
  15. Molecular Biology
    1. Carbohydrate Analysis
    2. Chromatin Assembly and Analysis
    3. Cloning and Recombination Methods
    4. Combinatorial Methods
    5. DNA-Protein Interactions
    6. E. coli, Plasmids, and Bacteriophages
    7. Enzymatic Manipulation of DNA and RNA
    8. Expression Analysis
    9. Gene Expression
    10. Gene Regulation
    11. Gene Silencing
    12. Informatics
    13. Introduction of DNA into Cells
    14. Labeling Methods
    15. Libraries
    16. Molecular Interactions
    17. Mouse Methods
    18. Mutagenesis
    19. Nucleic Acid Arrays
    20. Polymerase Chain Reaction
    21. Post-Translational Modification
    22. Preparation and Analysis of DNA and RNA
      1. Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
      2. Agarose Gel Separation/Isolation of RNA-Protein Complexes
      3. Analysis of RNA by Northern and Slot Blot Hybridization
      4. Bisulfite Sequencing of DNA
      5. Capillary Electrophoresis of DNA
      6. Capture Hybridization Analysis of RNA Targets (CHART)
      7. Cloning Yeast Genes by Complementation
      8. Conversion of mRNA into Double-Stranded cDNA
      9. Denaturing Gel Electrophoresis for Sequencing
      10. DNA Isolation from Mammalian Samples
      11. DNA Ligases
      12. Dot and Slot Blotting of DNA
      13. Endonucleases
      14. “First Generation” Automated DNA Sequencing Technology
      15. Guanidine Methods for Total RNA Preparation
      16. Heat-Activatable Primers for Hot-Start PCR and Hot-Start One-Step RT-PCR: Endpoint and Real-Time Experiments
      17. Helicase-Dependent Amplification of Nucleic Acids
      18. High-Throughput Sequencing of PCR Products Tagged with Universal Primers Using 454 Life Sciences Systems
      19. Hybridization Analysis of DNA Blots
      20. Identification of Newly Transcribed RNA
      21. Isolation and Purification of Large DNA Restriction Fragments from Agarose Gels
      22. Isolation of Nascent Transcripts with Click Chemistry
      23. Isolation of Single-Stranded DNA
      24. Laser Microdissection-Mediated Isolation and In Vitro Transcriptional Amplification of Plant RNA
      25. Ligation of Linkers or Adapters to Double-Stranded cDNA
      26. Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification for Detection of Nucleic Acids
      27. Microvolume Quantitation of Nucleic Acids
      28. Phenol/SDS Method for Plant RNA Preparation
      29. Preparation of Bacterial RNA
      30. Preparation of Cytoplasmic RNA from Tissue Culture Cells
      31. Preparation of Genomic DNA from Bacteria
      32. Preparation of Genomic DNA from Mammalian Sperm
      33. Preparation of Genomic DNA from Mammalian Tissue
      34. Preparation of Genomic DNA from Plant Tissue
      35. Preparation of Poly(A)+ RNA
      36. Preparation of Yeast DNA
      37. Preparation of Yeast RNA
      38. Primer Extension
      39. Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis
      40. Purification and Concentration of DNA from Aqueous Solutions
      41. Purification of DNA by Anion-Exchange Chromatography
      42. Purification of Oligonucleotides Using Denaturing Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
      43. Purification of Radiolabeled RNA Products Using Denaturing Gel Electrophoresis
      44. Quantification of microRNA Expression with Next-Generation Sequencing
      45. RAMPAGE: Promoter Activity Profiling by Paired-End Sequencing of 5′-Complete cDNAs
      46. Random-Primed, Phi29 DNA Polymerase-Based Whole Genome Amplification
      47. Overview of Receptors from Combinatorial Nucleic Acid and Protein Libraries
      48. Ribonuclease Protection Assay
      49. RNA Isolation from Mammalian Samples
      50. S1 Analysis of Messenger RNA Using Single-Stranded DNA Probes
      51. Separation of Small DNA Fragments by Conventional Gel Electrophoresis
      52. Single Nucleotide Analysis of Cytosine Methylation by Whole-Genome Shotgun Bisulfite Sequencing
      53. Simultaneous Single-Molecule Mapping of Protein-DNA Interactions and DNA Methylation by MAPit
      54. Size Fractionation Using Agarose Gels
      55. Size Fractionation Using Sucrose Gradients
      56. Southern Blotting
      57. Quantitation of DNA and RNA with Absorption and Fluorescence Spectroscopy
      58. Synthesis and Labeling of RNA In Vitro
      59. Synthesis and Purification of Oligonucleotides
      60. Yeast Cloning Vectors and Genes
    23. Protein Analysis
    24. Protein Expression
    25. Recombinant DNA Libraries
    26. RNA-Protein Interactions
    27. Sequencing
    28. Yeast Methods
  16. Mouse Biology
  17. Nucleic Acid Chemistry
  18. Pharmacology and Drug Discovery
  19. Protein Production, Purification, and Analysis
  20. Proteomics
  21. RNA
  22. Safety
  23. Stem Cells
  24. Structural Analysis of Biomolecules
  25. Supporting Lab Techniques
  26. Toxicology