Current Protocols in Cell Biology

Current Protocols in Cell Biology

Online ISBN: 9780471143031

DOI: 10.1002/0471143030

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  1. Bioinformatics
  2. Cell Biology
  3. Cell Biology
    1. Adhesion
    2. Analysis of Proteins
    3. Antibodies as Tools
    4. Apoptosis
    5. Cancer
    6. Cell and Organelle Motility
    7. Cell Cycle Analysis
    8. Cell Isolation and Culture
    9. Enzyme Assays
    10. Extracellular Matrix
    11. Fluorescent Proteins as Probes of Structure and Function
    12. Histology
    13. In Vitro Reconstitution
    14. Labeling Molecules
    15. Lipids and Fatty Acids
    16. Manipulating Gene Expression
    17. Microscopy and Imaging
    18. Molecular Biology Techniques
    19. Molecular Interactions
    20. Molecular Trafficking
    21. Nanotechnology
    22. Nuclei and Chromosomes
    23. Organelle Analysis
    24. Plant Biology
    25. Signal Transduction
    26. Stem Cells and Differentiation
    27. Subcellular Fractionation
    28. Transcription and Translation
    29. Viruses
      1. A Dual-Chamber Model of the Female Genital Tract to Evaluate Epithelial Toxicity of Candidate Anti-HIV Microbicides
      2. Methods for Growing and Titrating African Swine Fever Virus: Field and Laboratory Samples
      3. An Enzymatic Assay for Detection of Viral Entry
      4. BK Virus (BKV): Infection, Propagation, Quantitation, Purification, Labeling, and Analysis of Cell Entry
      5. Compartmented Neuron Cultures for Directional Infection by Alpha Herpesviruses
      6. COS-1 Cells as Packaging Host for Production of Lentiviruses
      7. Methods for Monitoring Dynamics of Pulmonary RSV Replication by Viral Culture and by Real-Time Reverse Transcription–PCR In Vivo: Detection of Abortive Viral Replication
      8. Evaluation of Antiseptic Antiviral Activity of Chemical Agents
      9. HIV-1 Interactions with Cells: From Viral Binding to Cell-Cell Transmission
      10. Isolation of Endoplasmic Reticulum, Mitochondria, and Mitochondria-Associated Membrane Fractions from Transfected Cells and from Human Cytomegalovirus-Infected Primary Fibroblasts
      11. Methods Used to Study Respiratory Virus Infection
      12. Monitoring Viral-Mediated Membrane Fusion Using Fluorescent Reporter Methods
      13. Production of Lentiviral Vectors in Protein-free Media
      14. Production of Papillomavirus-Based Gene Transfer Vectors
      15. Rapid Titration of Viruses by Flow Cytometry
    30. Whole Organism and Tissue Analysis
  4. Cell Culture
  5. Chemical Biology
  6. Cytometry
  7. Gene Expression
  8. Genetics and Genomics
  9. Genetics and Genomics
  10. Imaging and Microscopy
  11. Imaging/Microscopy
  12. Immunology
  13. Intermolecular interactions
  14. Laboratory Organisms and Animal Models
  15. Microbiology
  16. Molecular Biology
  17. Molecular Biology
  18. Mouse Biology
  19. Neuroscience
  20. Nucleic Acid Chemistry
  21. Pharmacology and Drug Discovery
  22. Protein Production, Purification, and Analysis
  23. RNA
  24. Safety
  25. Stem Cells
  26. Structural Analysis of Biomolecules
  27. Supporting Lab Techniques