Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology

Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology

Online ISBN: 9780471209188

DOI: 10.1002/047120918X

About this Book

Molecular biology is revolutionizing human medicine with enormous and far-reaching applications ranging from diagnostic techniques for disease and genetic disorders to the design of drugs and gene therapy. With the advent of this era, Wiley presents two definitive and authoritative reference works to bring together the converging areas of medicine and molecular biology. Presenting all aspects of medicine relevant at the molecular level as well as the world of molecular biology, the Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology and the Encyclopedia of Molecular Medicine offer a comprehensive overview of both fields. As ideal companions, these two works together sufficiently address the broad spectrum of information needed by both researchers and practitioners in a wide variety of disciplines including genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, oncology, and infectious disease.

The Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology is derived from the four volume print work containing nearly 1,000 articles. All the topics are divided into short, digestible entries. With over 1,700 separate primary entries, this comprehensive encyclopedia sets the standard for reference works in this rapidly expanding field.