Encyclopedia of Catalysis

Encyclopedia of Catalysis

Online ISBN: 9780471227618

DOI: 10.1002/0471227617

What's New

Since February 2011 the following NEW articles have been posted:

Aldol Reaction - Homogeneous

Green Catalysis

Hydrogenases - Biological

Ionic Liquids in Metal Catalysed Reactions

Mononuclear Ruthenium Catalysis

Transesterification - Biological

Understanding Enzyme Catalysis Using Computer Simulation

Since February 2011 the following updated articles have been posted:

Adsorption - Heterogeneous

Aldol Reaction - Heterogeneous

Alkylation - Heterogeneous

Alkylation - Homogeneous

Alkylation - Industrial


Ammonia Synthesis - Biological

Ammonia Synthesis - Heterogeneous

Ammonia Synthesis - Homogeneous

Ammoxidation - Hetrogeneous

Asymmetric Catalysis - Industrial

Auto Exhaust Catalysis

Bases and Base Catalysis - Heterogeneous


Biphasic Catalysis - Homogeneous

Carbohydrases - Biological

Carbonylation - Heterogeneous

Catalyst Characterization - Heterogenous

Catalyst Preparation - Homogeneous

Chiral Catalysts

Cobalt Enzyme and Models

Copper Enzymes/Models


Cyclization - Homogeneous

Dehydrocyclization - Heterogeneous

Esterification - Biological


Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis - Industrial

History of Catalysis

Hydrogen Generation

Hydroformylation - Homogeneous

Hydrogenation - Homogeneous

Hydrosilylation - Homogeneous

Immobilization - Biological

Kinetics of Catalyzed Reactions - Heterogeneous

Metal Carbides

Metal Nitrides

Metal Oxides

Metal Sulfides

Methane Conversion - Homogeneous

Nickel Enzymes/Models

Nitrogen Oxides Removal - Industrial

Oxidative Dehydrogenation - Biological

Oxygenates Synthesis - Homogeneous

Phase Transfer Catalysis

Phosphatases - Biological

Reforming - Heterogeneous

Reforming - Industrial

Ring Opening Reactions - Heterogeneous

Supercritical Phase Catalysis - Heterogeneous

Synthesis Gas Generation - Industrial

Transport Effects - Homogeneous

Vanadium Enzymes/Models

Water Gas Shift Reaction - Homogeneous